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We are an affordable skip bins Adelaide company! Whether you’re located in the inner north, southern or western suburbs and no matter how big or small your rubbish removal needs are, we have bins for hire to suit your job and your budget. Our bin sizes range from 2 cubic metres to 9 cubic metres.

In addition to our strong work ethic, we ensure that our bins are specifically engineered to facilitate easy loading, with every bin except our two cubic meters skips fitted with a rear access door to make things easier.

We offer short-term and long-term skip bins hire, all with prompt delivery. We can look after you no matter what the size of the job.

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AOT Skip Bins Customer Testimonials

“As a business owner, I need to know there is someone I can call on that is reliable, gets the bin to me when and where I need it without any fuss and is going to do me a good price. AOT Skip Bins is all of that and more. Beau and his team are professional, will go out of their way to get me bins at short notice and are always helpful. Just what any busy landscaper needs, a reliable tradie!

“AOT Skip Bins is all of that and more. Beau and his team are professional, will go out of their way to get me bins at short notice and are always helpful. Just what any busy landscaper needs, a reliable tradie!”

Jason Kither – Thirsty Earth Landscaping

“AOT Skip Bins helped us decide over the phone what size skip bin we needed. We were unsure, and the person on the phone was helpful, professional and knew what he was talking about. They arrived on time and placed the bin where we asked for it. After ringing around to a few places, we found AOT to be competitively priced.”

“We were unsure, and the person on the phone was helpful, professional and knew what he was talking about. They arrived on time and placed the bin where we requested it.”

Che – Noarlunga Downs

“I saw the AOT Skip Bin truck driving around my area and really loved the colours of their bins and the look of their truck. So many of the other trucks don’t look well looked after, and I wanted someone who would take care when placing a bin on my new driveway. They were easy to deal with, professional and helpful. I called at 9:30 am, and they delivered the bin that afternoon. I would recommend them to all my friends.

“They were easy to deal with, professional and helpful. I called at 9:30 am, and they delivered the bin that afternoon. I would recommend them to all my friends.”

Krystle – Paradise

“As a regular user of skip-bins, I recently decided to try AOT Services skip-bins. This decision was based on seeing an unusually well-presented skip bin in a nearby yard. I am so glad I did. I found AOT Services to be dedicated to Punctuality, Performance, Customer advice and assistance, and competitively priced. Their well-maintained bin also did not present as an eyesore in my front yard. I will definitely use them for future skip-bin hires.”

“I found AOT Skip Bins to be dedicated to Punctuality, Performance, Customer advice and assistance as well as being competitively priced.”

Keith French – Seaview Downs

Suburbs We Service In The Adelaide Metro Area

Suburbs From A - F


Alberton houses the Alberton Oval, best known for the Port Adelaide Football Club training grounds. A developing area that is the neighbouring suburb of Port Adelaide. Many of the suburbs surrounding Alberton are having massive growth as the new Port Adelaide attracts more families and businesses to the area.

Albert Park

Albert Park is the well-known home ground of the Port Adelaide Football Club. With the club’s training facilities being in Albert Park, it has grown a following of fans that traipse down there regularly to watch their beloved team train and prepare for the big matches. There is much rivalry between the two South Australian football teams, Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows.

Ascot Park

Ascot Park has a thriving community based on their successful Lawn Bowls Club. The Lions were raining premiers this year in the premier league, first and second sides. Beau is a proud Ascot Park Bowls Club member and raining premier. It was an exciting final game for all those involved.

Angle Park

Property value has increased in Angle Park dramatically over the past ten years. With many people moving into the area, creating a demand for housing and increasing the prices. While there is still a way to go, Angle Park is developing roads, infrastructure, houses, and properties and is being renovated and replaced.

Allenby Gardens

Looking for a nice little spot just outside of the city, then Allenby Gardens is the perfect spot. Just located outside of the CBD, Allenby Gardens has ample space and large blocks of land for you and your family to enjoy a backyard. Many older-style houses, fully renovated on the inside, or brand new homes are popping up in Allenby Gardens.

Athol Park

Much of Athol Park is now being bought or has been bought out by Westwood Park, and many streets you drive down are under residential construction phases. With many different styles of homes being built, the majoring of housing trust homes have been knocked down to make way for the new developments. A perfect place to pick up a well-priced new home in Athol Park and close to the city.


One of the main private hospitals in Adelaide is the Ashford Hospital. Known for its clinical excellence, the Ashford Hospital is equipped to deal with intensive maternal and neonatal care. Ashford is located just 5km out of the CBD. Ashford also has one of Adelaide’s emergency departments.


Only minutes from the beach or the city, shops, restaurants, cafes etc., Beverley is a quiet suburb with beautiful old character homes. Why not buy one, and renovate the inside? If you want to renovate, AOT Skip Bins has skip bins for building rubble. Any size, delivered the next day, straight to your door.


The Birkenhead Bridge opens on a regular basis to give boats a chance to pass through the Port River. Birkenhead is close to Semaphore, which has a thriving shopping precinct and many things to do for the family. Birkenhead is ideal for families, especially those with children, close to the beach and not far from the city.

Blair Athol

Close to the city, with the neighbouring suburbs being Prospect, Blair Athol is one to keep an eye on. With housing trust homes coming down weekly, new buildings are constantly popping up. With a thriving food hub along Prospect Road, you can enjoy fine foods from all different cultures in Blair Athol.

Black Forest

Not so dense with the forest is the now suburb Black Forest. It got its name from the dense forest that used to occupy the area. If your backyard is starting to look like a forest, why not hire a skip bin and clear it out? AOT has plenty of different sizes to cater to your backyard clean-ups.


Brighton is most famous with the locals for its beautiful jetty. Many nights are spent during the summer at Brighton Beach, swimming, eating ice cream, walking the dogs and simply relaxing. Brighton boasts some beautiful shops and lovely cafes for you to enjoy the warm summer days and nights.


With new developments in Brompton coming along nicely, the suburb is exciting. Close to the city, tram line and the Aquatic Centre, Brompton has become a popular location for young couples and small families. Having a major overhaul in image in the past 10 years, Brompton really is a place to be seen and live in.

Brooklyn Park

A popular suburb close to the city, Brooklyn Park has a lot going for it. Forgetting how close it is to the city, the public transport, parks and how close it is to the beach, Brooklyn Park has many lovely schools nearby and is well-priced for its location.

Camden Park

Thinking of doing a renovation on your home in Camden Park? Then look no further. AOT Skip Bins will help you remove all that unwanted waste and home rubble, so you can get your builders in there or do it yourself. Next-day delivery on any size skips bin you desire. Not sure what size you would need? Then give us a call.


Cheltenham has always been a well-talked-about suburb in Adelaide. With the racecourse and large cemetery, Cheltenham became a talking point when the racecourse was sold off to make way for developments. Now a thriving hub of houses, beautiful ovals and shopping centres, many people call Cheltenham their home.


Over the years, Clearview has become a more up-market suburb with large blocks and new renovations happening constantly. Well-priced housing attracted people to the area, and with many new developments, Clearview has become a popular location for families and young couples. With many schools close by, not far from the city, Clearview has a lot going for it.

Clarence Gardens

An inner southern suburb of Adelaide, Clarence Gardens was possibly named after the Duke of Clarence.  Clarence Gardens is a beautiful suburb to drive through or live in, with many tree-lined streets and well-kept houses. Beautiful gardens, wide streets and old trees make Clarence Gardens a suburb sort after to live in.

Clovelly Park

Close to many facilities for families and locals. With Flinders University close by and numerous local primary schools, Clovelly Park is one place many young families seek to find a place within. Not far from the beach and an easy step to the Southern Expressway, meaning trips down south are quick and easy.

Colonel Light Gardens

Colonel Light Gardens has access to many wonderful and thriving shopping centres, such as Mitcham. With its’ beautiful, large blocks, houses in this area are extremely well maintained. If you feel like you need to have a clean-up in your Colonel Light Gardens home, like you are letting the neighbourhood down, please call AOT Skip Bins, and we will get a skip bin straight to you.


Right next door to Prospect, Collinswood is a beautiful suburb with a rather high-end price tag. With beautiful old houses and large blocks of land, Collinswood is a perfect location. Close to the city and some highly respected schools, Collinswood is a suburb that many young professionals with families are aiming to achieve getting into.


Many locals and visitors go to Croydon on the weekends. With great cultural food opportunities, Croydon rocks some great clothing stores and homewares. If you are looking for something a little bit different, then take a drive through the streets of Croydon, and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Cumberland Park

Not sure what size skip bin you need in Cumberland Park? Don’t stress! Jump on to the AOT website and have a look at their handy diagram of what fits in what size bin, or call one of our helpful team members and discuss what size skip bin you may need to complete the job you’re thinking/of or have started in Cumberland Park.


Darlington is an expanding suburb, with many older houses being knocked down and new ones being built. AOT Skip Bins is here to help if you consider doing the same thing. Located in the suburb over, AOT Skip Bins can help work with your builder to remove all the waste no longer needed at the site. Ask your builder if they can use AOT Skip Bins for your building project.

Devon Park

Devon Park is kind of a forgotten location, but many people would be happy to keep it that way. With reasonably priced homes close to North Adelaide, this little suburb has all the trimmings without the price tag. Many conventional homes, but some new developments popping up.

Daw Park

Many houses in the Daw Park area are starting to be inhabited by the younger generation. Many of the older generations are moving out, and young people are starting to develop the Daw Park area. Well placed to have great growth in the coming years, Daw Park is definitely a suburb to keep your eye on.

Dovar Gardens

Patritti Wines is a bit of a hidden gem located in Dovar Gardens. Producing award-winning wines and non-alcoholic juices from South Australian sites. Reading the Patritti story is quite incredible and gives you some rich history about Dovar Gardens and the Patritti family. Check out the cellar door sometime or join their wine club


Eastwood is very much a business area, with many offices located along Greenhill Road. Full of professional businesses and thriving offices, Eastwood edges the CBD and has a great view of Clipsal when the race comes to town. Eastwood is a small but busy area of Adelaide, with many people spending some of their professional workings lives somewhere in the Eastwood area.


Enfield is a relatively older suburb, with many people living here for much of their lives. With low crime rates, close to the city, and good transport towards the beach, Enfield is great for families and young couples. Reasonably priced, you can find the house you like and start some renovations. If you think you want a new kitchen, call AOT Skip Bins, and they can come and help cart away all the rubble.


Looking for an affordable suburb to set up a home in. Edwardstown is the perfect location for any new family, single or couple looking for affordable housing. Many houses are being extended or knocked down in this area, but there is also the potential for some great renovations.  AOT Skip Bins has different size skip bins to suit your needs when it comes to demolition, renovations or removing rubble.


There have been some major changes to Ethelton over the years. Being so close to the beach, many people are attracted to the well-priced housing and the location. A developing suburb with real growth potential. Buy a house and renovate it in Ethelton. Order a skip bin from AOT Skip Bins, and they will deliver it the next day for you, guaranteed.


Right next to Semaphore, which has become a popular suburb choice for families and professional couples, Exeter is a much better-priced area with affordable houses. Sporting all the benefits of living in a coastal suburb with a lower price tag means people seek out Exeter as a place to settle into and call home.


Forrestville has some little gems hiding away for you to discover. The Forrestville Reserve boasts a creek, exercise equipment, a children’s playground and a basketball ring for all those budding basketball players. You can sit down and have a picnic, follow the paths, or along the creek. A great little place to hang out in Forrestville.


Supporting the locals in Frewville means visiting the local Foodland and doing your shopping for beautiful local produce, fruit & vegetables and cheeses. Frewville is the main suburb thoroughfare you drive through when heading to the freeway and the Adelaide Hills. Great little location with great shopping and local schools.

Ferryden Park

Looking at doing a garden makeover in Ferryden Park? Don’t know what kind of skip you need to remove the rubbish? Depending on what kind of materials you need to get rid of,  AOT  Skip Bins can help you. If you have a clean fill, call us, and we can help remove it for you; builder’s rubble, we can also help with that. Find out what size skip bin would suit your needs in Ferryden Park.


Fullarton is a beautiful suburb with wide leafy tree-filled streets and a wonderful community centre. The Fullarton Community Centre runs many different community events, such as painting, arts and crafts and music for the locals and surrounding suburbs. Large blocks of land and gorgeous houses are in and around Fullarton.


Fitzroy is one of Adelaide’s prestigious suburbs with some beautiful old homes and tree-lined streets. With large blocks of land, beautiful parks and streets, and schools with great reputations, Fitzroy really has it all. The price tag for houses is definitely on the higher end of the scale, but with the location so close to the city and suburbs like Prospect, you can understand why.

Suburbs From G - M


Gillman has been the home of Speedway since 1981. The first speedway opened there in 1981, called the North Arm Speedway, mainly used for motorbike racing. It closed down and reopened as the Gillman Speedway in 1998, where many sidecar and motorbike championships are held.


What a location! Gilberton is like to long-lost sister of the North Adelaide suburbs. Close to Melbourne Street, parks and some beautiful restaurants and cafes, Gilberton has a lower price tag but all the benefits of living in such a beautiful location. As more and more people move into the area, changes are being made, but in keeping with the heritage look of the area.


The Anzac spirit is alive and well in Glandore. Glandore boasts the Anzac Gallipoli underpass, a wonderful addition to the roadways in Adelaide. The underpass has allowed traffic to flow more quickly and smoothly and was warmly welcomed by those around Glandore. A special memorial to the Anzacs.


One of the most popular beach destinations in South Australia would have to be Glenelg. With beautiful beaches, the Jetty Road shopping strip and many cafes and restaurants, Glenelg is one of the most visited locations for locals and visitors. Catch a tram from Glenelg into the city or vice versa to see the wonderful sights of South Australia.


Glengowrie is another popular beachside suburb, boasting some lovely primary schools and adjacent to the Morphettville Race Course. Backing on to the suburb of Glenelg, Glengowrie is a smaller but busy beachside suburb. Catch the tram from Glengowrie or walk to the beach and enjoy the sights along the way.


An up-and-coming area, Glanville has all that a beachside suburb has to offer without you having to scrimp and save to buy in the area. A great place to renovate an old house. If you want to talk about removing rubbish from a renovation, call AOT Skip Bins; they can help you with an affordable option.


The Farmer’s Market at Wayville Show Ground is neatly located in the back streets of Goodwood. Shoppers can buy directly from the farmers, enjoying beautiful fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meats and fresh flowers. Goodwood also has a popular pub, the fine house of Wood, the Goodwood.


The home of Adelaide United Gliderol Stadium, Hindmarsh sees streams of people donning the red scarves and marching their way to Adelaide United home games. On any given game night, the streets are a sea of red, and people passionately walk Hindmarsh with their flags and scarves, supporting their team.


Smack bang in the middle of everything. Hendon is a great location. It is close to the beach, city, airport and surrounding suburbs and isn’t too close or far from anywhere. Tapleys Hill Road has everything you could ask for if you live in Hendon, food, shopping, and general stores. Houses are on large blocks with old-style conventional housing and many new houses being built.


If you are looking for a beachside location to buy or build, Hove may be the perfect location.  If you buy a house in Hove, you may want to renovate the kitchen or bathroom. AOT Skip Bins can help you with different size skips bins to suit all your renovation needs.

Hyde Park

King William Street in Hyde Park showcases some of Adelaide’s most popular restaurants and cafes and has many high-end fashion stores for you to visit. Hyde Park is renowned for food, fashion and shopping.  Hyde Park is a beautiful, high-end suburb popular amongst the locals and interstate visitors.


One of the main train stations in Adelaide is the Keswick Train Station. Leaving from Keswick, many main trains travel across Australia departing from Adelaide at the Keswick Train Station. The Ghan, The Overland and many others, part of the Great Southern Rail group, leave Keswick station.

Kings Park

Houses in Kings Park are beautifully presented. Located near Belair and Goodwood, Kings Park is a small suburb with expensive houses and beautiful tree-lined streets.  Kings Park is a dry zone, so you will not find a pub in sight, but the surrounding areas have wonderful cafes, restaurants, and plenty of shopping.


Kilburn has seen many changes over the years, none more so than in the past ten years. Many housing trust homes are being knocked down to make way for new developments. Hammerhead blocks with new homes are popping up everywhere. Long the end of Prospect, you have a hive of cultural food; down the other end, you have the new Bunnings and the Churchill Road Shopping Centre with Costco. The landscape of Kilburn is constantly changing.

Kingston Park

The view of the ocean from Kingston Park is just amazing. Kingston House is a popular location for many weddings. Kingston Park is a small, well-priced beach suburb close to Brighton with views ranging from Moana to the hills if you build high enough. Often forgotten about with the neighbouring suburbs being so popular, Kingston Park is a great location to raise a family.

Kurralta Park

Well, known for Anzac Highway and the Kmart, Kurralta Park is a densely populated suburb close to the city. The City to Bay runs through Kurralta Park as runners travel from the city centre to Glenelg. The main thoroughfare for commuters from the beachside suburbs to the city is via Anzac Highway and through Kurralta Park.

Largs Bay

The Largs Pier Hotel and the Sailing Club are popular attractions for those in the western suburbs. With an amazing function centre, the Sailing Club hosts many functions down at Largs Bay, and the hotel is packed with locals and visitors enjoying the view and food. An area which has changed significantly over the years, with beautiful houses and a view to match.


Malvern is well known for its shopping centre. Not overly large, but Malvern Shopping Centre has a nice range and many shops. Malvern’s fruit and vegetable shop has been there for many years and boasts a large range of fresh fruits and veggies. Located next to the popular suburb of Unley, Malvern has some large blocks with beautifully presented houses.


If you want a suburb to buy or build in with amazing views, look no further than Marino. The ocean views from some of the houses in Marino are just stunning. With prices ranging from very affordable to the upper end of luxury, Marino has some rather stunning houses and views to take your pick from.


If you ask anyone from Adelaide where is a great shopping centre, with a large range of stores, they will tell you, Marion. Westfield Marion Shopping Centre (although located in Oaklands Park) has over 140 stores, cinemas and restaurants for you to spend your leisure time shopping away. Marion also has one of the busiest community clubs in the southern area.

Melrose Park

Melrose Park is a solid option if you are looking for a well-priced suburb to build or renovate a house in. Melrose Park is an affordable option close to Castle Plaza Shopping Centre, with numerous school options. If you want to renovate, call AOT Skip Bins, and we will help you decide what size and type of bin you need for your renovation.


A school with a great reputation for all-girls education is Wilderness School. Located in Medindie, Wilderness has a synonymous reputation in Adelaide, with great Year 12 results and students that have paved their way into good careers.  A beautiful location, with large blocks and tree-lined streets.


The underpass at Millswood takes you through to the popular suburb of Goodwood. Millswood is a beautiful, leafy green suburb with well-maintained houses and gardens.  Goodwood Road runs through to the middle of Millswood, with many shops and restaurants for you to eat at.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park is a suburb that is really changing. The railway line runs straight through the middle, with the Sturt Police Station also being located in Mitchell Park. Over time Mitchell Park has changed as a landscape, with many houses being developed and is viewed as an affordable option, not far from the beach or city.

Morphettville Race Course

The Morphettville Race Course would have to be one of the main attractions over the racing season. With the Adelaide Cup and many other races on its fixture, the Morphettville Race Course sees punters and fashionistas flocking to enjoy the races, fashion, food, and wine. A great opportunity for those not in the know to have a punt and a good day at the races.

Myrtle Bank

Myrtle Bank received its name in 1842 after a property owned by William Sanders, who arrived in South Australia in 1838. It is now known as a quiet suburb, with large houses on large blocks of land, with beautifully kept gardens. Myrtle Bank is part of the Unley Council and nicely located to shops and schools.


Netley backs onto the Adelaide Airport and is about halfway between the city and the beach. Known for the large police station located in the heart of Netley, it is a well-priced suburb with many established homes and residents who have lived there for many years. Netley is reasonably priced and a good option for families and couples.


If you are looking for a great location close to the city, look no further than Nailsworth. With some great schools in the area, Nailsworth is popular with young families and professional couples. It comes with quite a hefty price tag, but it is worth it. The perfect location to buy an older home and renovate the inside. AOT Skip Bins can help you remove all your rubbish from your renovations.

New Port

The development in New Port has been outstanding. Over the past decade, New Port has become the new Port Adelaide. With houses and apartments shooting up, left, right and centre, New Port has become an attraction and breathed new life into an area that some would say was struggling to attract new homeowners and businesses.

North Haven

North Haven has many positive things going for it, whether you are a family, couple or professional person looking for somewhere to live that’s close to the beach. No excuses not to get out and walk the dog. With paths along the esplanade and great things to do at Pelican Park, North Haven really does have it all for every type of homeowner or visitor.

North Adelaide

Looking for a place to catch up with friends, have a bite to eat or a coffee, do some shopping and then see a movie? North Adelaide is your place. With a range of cafes and restaurants to choose from, North Adelaide is a popular place for locals and tourists. Close to the city, you cannot go past a drink in one of their pubs or a great meal.


Massive developments have taken place in Northgate. With the suburb being almost completely started from scratch, there are new houses everywhere, a large shopping centre, parks, and gardens around the place for you. Schools are close by, with good transport options. A lovely place to raise a family is Northgate.


You could say Northfield is going through a boom. Older houses are getting knocked down everywhere you look to make way for new ones. Northfield is a good option if you are looking for a reasonably priced piece of land or a place to renovate. Needing a skip bin for those renovations, then give AOT Skip Bins a call, and they can help determine what size and waste type you will need.

Suburbs From N - S

Novar Gardens

If you are looking for a wedding venue, Novar Gardens has many options. As is Immanuel College, Cummins House is a popular choice, especially for old scholars. The Glenelg train station is also in the heart of Novar Gardens, linking the beach to the city. Beautiful houses, close to the beach, and some great schools are why Novar Gardens is a popular choice for people looking to rent or buy.

Oaklands Park

The Oakland Park train station, Marion Shopping Centre, the Marion Aquatic Centre and the transport hub are many attractions in Oaklands Park. The creation of the Marion Aquatic Centre has brought people from around the world to compete in swimming and diving competitions, putting Oaklands Park on the map for all its sporting achievements.


Panorama has some of the most beautiful views of the city and coastline. The houses built above the shopping centre boast almost 180-degree views of the Adelaide skyline. Centennial Park Cemetery is one of the biggest in the state, and the Big Crow Shopping Centre, now Foodland Pasadena, is two of the most well-known locations in Panorama.

Park Holme

Renovations are happening at a fast and furious pace in Park Holme. With reasonable house prices, many people are knocking down or renovating in Park Holme. If you want to expand your home or do a renovation, contact AOT Skip Bins and find out how we can help you with all your rubbish removal needs.


If you want a nice, quiet suburb with good school options, look no further than Parkside.  Old, well-established homes with good opportunities to gut out rooms like bathrooms and kitchens to bring them into the modern era. If you look at gutting rooms in your Parkside home, AOT has different waste-type skip bins to help you.


The Pasadena shopping centre has one of the largest Foodland stores in the state. Originally named the Big Crow, Foodland has a wide range of merchandise for you to stroll through. It is hard not to buy things you wouldn’t often when you see the range of cheeses, meats and in-store florists.


Down the port, you will notice many industrial areas that have been established for many years. Osborne, Ottoway, Outer Harbor, Pennington and Peterhead, all based around the same areas, have been a hub for the industrial parts of Adelaide. With many local schools and all close to the beach, these suburbs have been the heart and soul of the industrial businesses of South Australia. With affordable housing, many of these suburbs, Pennington and Ottoway, for example, have mass building developments going on, with many people choosing to knock down and rebuild. If you want to look at renovating or even knocking down an existing dwelling in Osborne or Outer Harbor, AOT Skip Bins has a variety of sized skip bins and different waste types. Your entire skip bin needs to be met in one place.

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is well known for its passionate support of its local SANFL football team, the Magpies, and its AFL football team. With David Koch as the football team’s president, Port Adelaide has managed to bring its club out of some dark financial times and into a thriving club with passionate members and vocal supporters of the game.


Plympton is a large area comprising many little suburbs, North Plympton, South Plympton and Plympton itself. North Plympton has a local dump where skip bin businesses and residents can remove their rubbish. For beachside suburbs, the North Plympton dump is the closest and most easily accessible.


On the fringe of the city, Prospect is a well-established suburb. With large blocks of land, and many houses, some would describe as mansions and others as grand old villas; Prospect has a lot to offer those moving into the area. With great food options and shopping, Prospect is an old classic.

Regency Park

Regency Park is well known for the TAFE, golf course and Coopers Brewery. It is really an industrial suburb, with most transit on its roads being semi-trailers. There are fewer residents in the area due to it mainly being made up of businesses and factories. Businesses looking to get rid of rubbish are invited to call AOT Skip Bins to work out a solution for their needs in Regency Park.

Renown Park

Only a 5-minute drive to town and North Adelaide on your doorstep, Renown Park is a reasonably priced suburb with all the trimmings of living so close to everything. With local sports clubs and community clubs, there is plenty to do. If you are looking for more to do, jump in the car and drive 5 minutes to the Aquatic Centre or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


The Brickworks Markets was an attraction for many locals and tourists. Running mainly on the weekends, visitors could enjoy fresh produce, stalls and crafts. In Ridleyton, the markets were a main talking point for the suburb. Over the past 12 months, the markets have been knocked down, South Road widened, and another development is occurring.

Royal Park

Thinking about cleaning up your backyard? Then why not hire a skip bin today and handle all your rubbish? There is nothing nicer than looking outside and seeing that you have a beautifully clean backyard for you and your family to enjoy. If you live in Royal Park, then AOT Skip Bins can help you out with all your skip bin needs.


Close to Brighton, Seacliff is a smaller beachside suburb. With beautiful houses, amazing ocean views and often some of Adelaide’s city skyline, many people seek to enter the property market in Seacliff and Seacliff Park. Reasonably priced houses without views are common; those with views are more within the upper area of pricing.

Seacombe Gardens

Seacombe Gardens is close to the beach, with houses that are being developed consistently. Close to Marion Shopping Centre, schools and the beach, Seacombe Gardens is a developing area. If you are looking for a house to renovate, knock down and rebuild, this is the area to start looking for reasonably priced land and houses.

Seaview Downs

Living in Seaview Downs, I know your amazing view from some locations. Our house has a view ranging from Moana to the Adelaide Foothills. In the summer, you can watch amazing sunsets over the ocean; during the winter, the storms roll in off the ocean. Seaview Downs is a wonderful location close to the beach, shopping centres and school.


Located right on the beach foreshore, Semaphore is popular with locals and visitors. With many events held, especially over the summer months, including the New Year’s Eve fireworks, Semaphore is a hub of culture. Semaphore has great shopping, food and fashion, and of course, being so close to the beach has some wonderful views and picturesque sunsets.

Sefton Park

The Sefton Park Shopping Centre has a lot to offer its customers. With a large Foodland, Target and many little shops to choose from, Sefton Park has it all. With older-style homes around for renovation, AOT Skip bins can come six days a week and help with rubbish removal needs. With skip bins of all sizes, we can accommodate your needs.

Somerton Park

Sacred Heart College is in the heart of Somerton Park. One of Adelaide’s exclusive private schools, Sacred Heart College is a co-ed secondary school. During their middle years, boys attend Sacred Heart while most girls attend Marymount College. Many primary schools in the local area feed into Sacred Heart College.

St Marys

Looking at doing a backyard clean up in St Marys, look no further than AOT Skip Bins. General waste, mixed waste or clean-fill skip bins can be used during backyard cleanups. Located close to AOT Skip Bins, we can deliver the next day for your convenience. Simply call us and discuss your needs today.


The Sturt Police Station is the biggest in the southern area. Sturt Football Club is one of the SANFL teams with a long following among South Australians. The blues have a large following of supportive fans


If you are looking for an affordable suburb to bring your children up in, with the beach as your backdrop, Semaphore is right next door, then Taperoo is the suburb for you. With nice local schools and shopping nearby, Taperoo is a booming suburb with residential development and a hive of activity.


Looking at doing a garden renovation in Thorngate? A green waste skip bin can be used to remove all your garden waste, including grass, trees, untreated wood and leaves and bark. Depending on the size of the waste to be removed would dictate the size of the skip bin. AOT Skip Bins would be happy to help with your garden overhaul in Thorngate.

Suburbs From T - Z


Unley boasts some of the most popular restaurants in Adelaide. With numerous cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and bars to choose from, Unley has much to offer on the food front. Not only does Unley attract locals and visitors for its food, Unley also has many clothing and homeware shops that you can visit.

Vale Park

Vale Park is a nice leafy suburb with beautiful older-style homes. Many people have recently moved into the area and are doing renovations. Gutting out the inside of your home is a good option to renovate and increase the home’s overall price. Vale Park is a popular area with young couples and families.


A high-end suburb of Adelaide, well-established and well-maintained, Walkerville is a beautiful old suburb with high-value properties. Close to the city, with ample access to public transport, Walkerville is a sought-after suburb with many people who move into the area and never leave.


The Warradale Pub is among the most popular pubs in the southwestern suburbs. With various live bands, a restaurant and front bar area, private function rooms and a beer garden, the Warradale Pub is popular amongst locals and visitors. The Warradale Army Barracks is home to the 9th Combat Service Support Battalion.


Close to the beach and the city, Welland is a popular location for families and professional couples.  With a short ride, you will find yourself in the beachside town of Semaphore, popular with the locals and visitors. The Welland Shopping Centre also boasts many great food and shopping outlets.


The Wingfield dump is one of Adelaide’s biggest rubbish dumps. Open to businesses to dispose of all types of waste, including green, general, and recycling. The Wingfield dump, occupied by four main businesses, aims to recycle as much matter as possible. Like the Wingfield Dump, AOT Skip Bins also aims to recycle as much of the waste that comes to them as well.