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Are you unsure what size skip bin you need? Use the information below to determine your needs.

2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Suitable For: Small jobs & renovations.

A 2m3 skip bin is perfect for any small job or renovation. Whether you are doing a backyard blitz and need a mixed, green waste or general bin or a spring clean of the cupboards in the house, the 2m3 skip bin would suit your waste needs.  Getting the hubby to clean out his shed? A 2m3 bin would be the perfect size for the small things that he needs to get rid of. Lastly, your 2m3 skip bin is perfect for small renovations around the house, like the bathroom or a small kitchen. Book Now.
A skip bin is equivalent to 3 trailers or 8 bins.

3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Suitable For: Small to medium jobs.

3m3 skip bins are ideal for small to medium jobs. Slightly bigger than the 2m3 bin, the 3m3 skip bin is great for garden jobs. If you have cut down small trees and dug out your garden to lay a new lawn, then the 3m3 bin would be perfect for you. Good for all types of waste, the 3m3 skip bin fits nicely in most driveways and is big enough to accommodate a large amount of general and mixed or green waste. Book Now.

3m size

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Suitable For: Medium-size jobs.

A 4m3 skip is still small enough to fit in most driveways, and it is ideal for kitchen renovations with your mixed waste or general waste bins. If you are a landscaper, the 4m3 skip bin is a great size to accommodate all the materials you have pulled up from the original garden or backyard. It is a good all-rounder. Book Now.

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Suitable For: Medium to large jobs.

If you’re a plumber, builder or renovator, the 6m3 bin is perfect for removing all your waste and doing an extension on your home, building a new pergola or removing your old roof or floor tiles. The 6m3 skip bin is good for large clean-up jobs, including deceased estates and big shed clean-ups. This bin is the perfect size for getting rid of large tree branches without having to cut them up, and it is also the perfect size for standard couch frames. Book Now.

6m size

9 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Suitable For: Large residential or commercial projects.

A 9m3 skip bin is ideal for commercial building sites, home renovations, gutting interiors, concrete waste or kitchen and bathroom makeovers. If you are a roof restorer or a fencer, the 9m3 skip bin is large enough to cater for your waste, and for fencers, long enough not to require the cutting up of materials. This is the largest skip bin AOT Skip Bins keep in stock. Book Now.

A skip bin is equivalent to 13 trailers or 36 bins.

Our Skip Bins Are Suitable for Many Occasions

Deciding which size to order can be a little confusing for those new to skip bins. The size you order needs to be suitable to hold all of your waste so that you don’t waste your time and money ordering skip bins in Adelaide, which are too small.

Many occasions call for a skip bin. The most common are house moves, renovations, and garden redesigns. When you’re moving house, you may be affected by all three!

House moves create a lot of rubbish; there’s always more than you might imagine to get rid of. Often, it’s just too much for your general waste collection, and who’s got time to drive to and from the local dump in the middle of a house move?

Similarly, renovations create a huge amount of waste. Have you ever removed an old kitchen or bathroom or re-tiled a bathroom? What do you do with all that junk?

AOT Skip Bins are the perfect solution. Book your skip bin here!

Still not sure? Call 1300 30 12 64 and discuss your needs with our team.

Important Information

Weight restrictions apply for General Waste Skip Bins:

  • 2m3: 300kg
  • 3m3: 450kg
  • 4m3: 600kg
  • 6m3: 900kg
  • 9m3: 1350kg

Any General Waste skip bin ordered that exceeds the limits above will be required to pay an additional $27 per 100kg before removal (prices are subject to change). An extra cost also applies for adding mattresses, LPG gas cylinders and tyres. Feel free to call us to get an estimate of additional charges for these items.