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Rubbish on the curb in front of a house

The general waste skip bin is probably the most popular bin used by our residential customers and the reason why is pretty logical. The general waste skip bin is the type the name suggests – general waste.

If you are doing a house tidy up, a spring clean, then you will have general waste that you want to get rid of. Maybe the hubby has decided he will clean out his shed – or maybe you are sick of it and doing it for him. The things you find in your everyday household bedroom, spare room or shed are the goods that go in general waste bins. You may have had a child move out and leave their furniture and junk or even renovated yourself and have bits and pieces to get rid of, then a general waste bin hire is perfect for you.

What To Put in a General Bin

You are welcome to put tyres, mattresses, televisions and computer monitors in this type of bin also. There is a small fee for any of these above-mentioned items, so when placing your skip bin order, let the experienced, helpful staff at AOT Skip Bins know, and they will work out the additional fee for you. We ask that you place these items on top of all your other waste, e.g., put these on last. Please do not put any concrete, dirt or tiles in the general skip hire bin, and be careful when placing glass items so that you do not cut yourself on anything you break when placing in the skip bin.

Got Different Types of Waste? Do a Bin Bundle!

A Bin Bundle is a popular choice with customers of AOT Skip Bins, when they have concrete, dirt, or tiles, is to bundle two skip bins together. Instead of a 4m general waste bin, they may get 2 x 2m bins, one for general waste and one for concrete waste. This works out much cheaper for you, the customer, and is better for the environment, as we can sort through and recycle more items when correctly placed in the right type of waste bin.

How To Choose a General Bin Size

Something to watch out for when choosing your skip bin size is to think about the waste you will be putting in the bin. Depending on the items you will place in the general waste bin, the most common size bin for residential customers is the 4m3 skip. However, if you have an item, such as a couch, to be placed in, please speak with the AOT team, as you will probably require a 6m3 bin.

All your items must fit within the skip bin; we cannot pick up bins with content hanging out or over the bin. It is illegal for us to transport an overfilled bin. Therefore, if you have any long items, please phone 1300 30 12 64 and discuss with our helpful staff to ensure you get the right size bin for your needs.

Council Permits

Councils have strict regulations as to where a skip bin can be placed. The customer is responsible for seeking a council permit to place a skip bin on public land, the road or a nature strip before booking the bin. In many instances, we can find another option for bin placement if council permits cannot be obtained.

If you need help obtaining a council permit, please contact AOT Skip Bins before your delivery date, and they can help you arrange this.

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