How do I book a skip bin from AOT Skip Bins?

You can book a skip bin by calling AOT Skip Bins on 1300 30 12 64, or you can book online at www.aotskipbins.com.au. Follow the secure payment options on our website for a fast and easy way to book a skip bin.

How much notice do you need for delivery or pickup?

Generally, we allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup from when the booking was made. Often, we can deliver a bin on the same day, depending on how many bins are available and whether our run to your area has been completed for the day. If you urgently require a bin, please phone AOT Skip Bins on 1300 30 12 64 to discuss this.

How do I pay?

We have three payment options available. You can pay securely online when you book a skip bin through our online booking service. You can pay our drivers with cash or credit card, who will issue you with a receipt (an invoice will then be posted to you), or you can call our office on 1300 30 12 64 and pay by phone using your credit card. Payment must be made on or before the bin is delivered. (We accept EFT payments as long as we receive bank confirmation that the EFT has been executed before the day of delivery).

Can I specify a delivery or pickup time?

We can NOT guarantee delivery times on same-day bookings. However, if the booking is made with 24 hours’ notice or more, we are more likely to be able to accommodate your requests. If you know that you will need to use the skip first thing in the morning, it is highly recommended that you have it delivered on the prior day.

How full can I fill the bin?

Under NO circumstances can a skip bin be filled above the rim. All skips have a maximum height fill point to the height on the side wall of the bin, no higher. Skip bins MUST NOT BE overloaded or be filled above the rim under any circumstance, as this is illegal to transport an overfilled skip.

What happens if I overfill the bin?

If a skip is overfilled, you will be given the option to hire an additional skip or to remove the excess material. If there is nobody on site when the collection occurs, the driver will, at their discretion, attempt to remove the excess material and place it in a pile as close as possible to the skip’s location. All labour costs incurred by removing excess rubbish will be at additional charges and will be your responsibility.

In cases where the excess is not removed, and the skip remains for extended periods, the customer will be liable for additional charges, including rental, labour, and transport costs if we need to unload the excess.

What charges are there if I go over my included weights?

Weight restrictions do apply for General Waste Skip Bins. 2m3 is 400kg, 3m3 is 600kg, 4m3 is 800kg, 6m3 is 1200kg & 9m3 is 1800kg. Weight restrictions do apply for Builder and mixed Waste Skip Bins. 2m3 600kg, 3m3 900kg, 4m3 1200kg, 6m3 1800kg.

Any General/Builder or Mixed Waste skip bin ordered that exceeds these limits will be required to pay an additional $13 per 100kg before removal. (Prices subject to change) An EXTRA cost DOES APPLY for adding e-waste such as monitors and televisions, mattresses, LPG gas cylinders and tyres to this SKIP BIN.

What size skips do AOT Skip Bins offer?

  • 2m3: Our Adelaide skips begin at 2m3. This is a small skip; some would call it a “mini skip bin” or a “mini skip”. This skip bin size is ideal for a big garden clear-up or a household clear-out. It would also be suitable for a small bathroom renovation…just the right size to hold an old sink, tiles and even the lavatory! This size is equivalent to 3 trailers.
  • 3m3: This is a little larger and ideal for slightly bigger jobs, such as disposing of an old tree you’ve dug out or a small kitchen renovation. This size is equivalent to over four trailers.
  • 4m3: Equivalent to 6 trailers, this is a great all-rounder!

At AOT Skip Bins, we also offer larger skip bins, which are great for big renovations.

How do I know what size I will need?

We have provided a handy diagram to determine how much waste you have and, therefore, what size bin you need. Alternatively, here is the guide we have prepared for our skip bin sizes.

Bin Size Guide

How long can I hire the bin for?

Price includes up to 4 days of hire, and additional charges may occur if required longer. If you need the bin picked up earlier, this can be done on request – please call 1300 30 12 64. The price will remain the same if the bin is collected earlier.

If I want the bin for longer, are there additional charges?

Our normal rental period is up to 4 days. If you require the bin for a longer period, ask our sales staff what the cost would be to keep the bin a little bit longer. Once you have filled the bin, please phone our office on 1300 30 12 64 to book a collection time.

Do you provide skip bins to residential and commercial properties?

Yes. AOT Skip Bins provide where possible and skips to businesses and residential properties within our Adelaide delivery areas (Southern, Western & Central).

Can you place the skip bin on public land or a nature strip?

Councils have strict regulations as to where a skip bin can be placed. It is the responsibility of the customer to seek a council permit for the placement of a skip bin on public land, the road or a nature strip prior to booking the bin. In many instances, we can find another option for bin placement if council permits cannot be obtained.

How do I fill up a skip bin safely?

Almost all of our skips in Adelaide are fitted with a rear door; this helps you to load it up safely. When you’re filling your skip bin up, try to ensure that you have someone on hand to assist you with heavier items and on that note, never overfill your skip bin…it’s a hazard to yourself and to passers-by. Talking of hazards, there are certain things that you cannot put into a skip bin…this includes asbestos. If you need to remove asbestos, please get in touch with the proper authorities. Here is a useful guide to asbestos from the South Australian Government.

If you need help obtaining a council permit, please get in touch with AOT Skip Bins before your delivery date, and they can help you arrange this.

How do I order?

You can call us or enter your postcode into our easy-to-use online order and quote form. Entering your postcode will help us to find you the cheapest skip bins in Adelaide!

Important Information

Weight restrictions do apply for Builder & Mixed Waste Skip Bins:
  • 2m3 is 500kg
  • 3m3 is 800kg
  • 4m3 is 1200kg
  • 6m3 is 1500kg
Any General Waste skip bin ordered that exceeds these limits will be required to pay an additional $13 per 100kg before removal.