AOT Recycling

Our goal is to address the concerns that waste has on the environment by minimising land fill.

We recycle the waste we pick up, with most being re-used rather than going to land fill. Products such as metal including iron, steel, copper, aluminium, lead are sorted for individual recycling. Wood is chipped for garden mulch, soil is screened, bricks & concrete are crushed, glass is recycled, green waste including tree stumps and branches are taken to a green recycle centre. Light mixed waste that cannot be separated any further is compacted and taken to landfill. All in all, we break it all down to ensure it makes the best result for the environment. AOT Garden & Property Management, our sister company, uses much of the green waste in servicing their clients.

To us, picking up a skip bin also means thinking GREEN. The increase in general awareness of recycling and the benefits to the environment are now front of mind with people asking to do more. It’s easy to think that what we do or what you do is such a small part of the big picture so why bother however most businesses and home owners are becoming more aware and want to help. That is why we are committed to recycling as much waste as possible that we collect through the hire of AOT Skip Bins. Speak with us about how you can save on bin hire costs when you have waste to remove that can be recycled, e.g. steel and metal.

In line with our commitment to caring for the environment, we aim to recycle as much as possible. We sort through all of the waste placed in our skip bins. Materials we recycle include:

There are minimal restrictions on the type of waste we can remove. Some goods and substances require specialist handling and treatment so as not to pose health and safety risks to you, us, and the general public. These include asbestos, gas bottles, poisons, paints and liquids.