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Worth Reading Below if Your Booking Skip Bins for the First Time

Deciding what type of bin you need depends on what type of waste you have to dispose of. Most skip bin companies have a blanket ban on dumping asbestos, chemicals and liquid paints. AOT Skip Bins are no different. If you have any of these items, it is best to contact a chemical waste removal company to discuss your needs with them. AOT Skip Bins has eight types of waste skip bins designed to suit all your waste removal needs. These include general waste, green waste, concrete, builder, clean fill, loan & earth, mixed waste and scrap metal bins.

Bin Size

Choosing what size bin you need to hire can be challenging. What if you hire a bin too small and need another one, or one too big and you don’t fill it up? AOT Skip Bins has put together a guide for you of the standard-size bins we use and roughly how many trailers and Sulo bins that would equate to.

What Can & Can’t Be Included in Your Waste Type Bin

If you are unsure what can and cannot be placed in your bin type, most good skip bin companies will have a list of what can and can’t be included online. You should also ask them when placing your order over the phone. AOT Skip Bins will provide you with a list of what can and can’t go in your particular waste bin upon delivery and a reminder. Below is a general list of what AOT Skip Bin does in its different types of bins.

  • General waste bins allow you to place all types of waste except bricks, soil, tiles and concrete
  • Builder’s waste bins allow you to place concrete, pavers, roof tiles, bricks, general waste, soils, steel & metal and lastly, floor tiles
  • Clean fill bins allow you to place small gravel, dirt, soil, clay and sand
  • Concrete waste bins allow you to place concrete, pavers, bricks and tiles
  • Green waste bins allow you to place weeds, grass, leaves, bark, shrubs, trees and untreated wood
  • Loam and earth skip bins are designed for you to place leaves, grass, weeds, soil, small tree stumps and gravel no bigger than 10mm in diameter
  • Mixed waste bins are perfect for general waste, green waste, concrete, pavers and bricks, clean fill, soil, clay and sand. You can see why this is called a mixed waste bin
  • Scrap metal bins place steel, white goods, tools, pipes, steel fence panels, engines and metal.

Weight Restrictions

Skip bin companies need to be strict with the amount of waste placed in their bins. Skip bins must not be overloaded or be filled above the rim under any circumstances, as it is illegal to transport an overfilled skip. Many skip bin companies have weight restrictions on certain waste types to ensure their trucks can carry the loads in their skip bins. Don’t get caught out thinking you have been quoted a cheap price, only to receive a bill later to say you went over the weight restriction. Make sure you ask the company if there are any weight restrictions on the bin you are hiring. Many companies appear to be cheaper than they are when you add in their additional weight restriction fees. They aren’t that cheap at all.

How Long Bin Hire is

Every skip bin company has a set number of days for which you can hire a skip bin. Many are a standard 3-day hire. AOT Skip Bins is a 4-day hire, allowing you an extra day more than most to get all your waste into your bin. If you need the bin picked up earlier, this can be done on request – please call 1300 30 12 64. The price will remain the same if the bin is collected earlier. If you require your skip bin for longer than the set days, all skip bin companies will charge you a daily rate. Many are around $20.00 per day; AOT Skip Bins has a standard extra day rate of $15.00. If you wish to keep the bin an extra day, please advise AOT Skip Bins before pick up on 1300 30 12 64.

Pick Up and Delivery of Skip Bins

Skip bin companies traditionally expect 24 hours’ notice when placing a skip bin order. As a general rule, AOT Skip Bins allows 24 hours for delivery or pickup from when the booking was made. Often, we can deliver a bin on the same day, depending on how many bins are available and whether our run to your area has been completed for the day. If you urgently require a bin, please phone AOT on 1300 30 12 64 to discuss this. We can NOT guarantee delivery times on same-day bookings. However, if the booking is made with 24 hours’ notice or more, we are more likely to be able to accommodate your requests. If you know that you will need to use the skip first thing in the morning, it is highly recommended to have it delivered on the prior day.

How to Pay

As a general rule, skip bins must be paid for before or after delivery. Most companies will accept cash or cards. However, not all offer quick and easy secure online payments of bins. AOT Skip Bins has three payment options available. You can pay securely online when you book a skip bin through our online booking service. You can pay our drivers with cash or credit card, who will issue you a receipt (an invoice will then be posted to you), or you can call our office on 1300 30 12 64 and pay by phone using your credit card. Payment must be made on or before the bin is delivered. (We accept EFT payments as long as we receive bank confirmation that the EFT has been executed before the day of delivery).