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Skip bin hire is the best way to manage your excess waste. At AOT Skip Bins, we’ve served the local area for decades.

Our team is well-established, with many years of shared experience. That means we understand what our customers need and how to bring that to them affordably.

When you need support with your rubbish removal, likely, you’re already under time constraints.

That’s because most of the time we need rubbish removal, we’re also busy doing other things such as moving house, building, renovating etc.

Skip bin hire in Ascot Park is a great way to simplify those jobs.

How does skip bin hire in Ascot Park make life easier?

When you have junk to remove, you’re already busy – moving house, building or renovating are all stressful activities.

Who needs to run to and from the dump during those busy periods?

A skip bin allows you to easily dispose of your waste until the contractor comes along and removes it all in one fell swoop.

A build-up of rubbish causes issues

If rubbish is allowed to build up, you’ll find that issues quickly arise.

Depending on the type of waste you’re dealing with, piles of trash can attract vermin. Rats, for example, always look for warm, covered places to build nests or find food sources.

Safety implications can still exist even if there’s no food in your rubbish and it consists of hard waste.  Piles of junk are unsightly and dangerous.

When you’re building, DIY or clearing a home, you’ll need to stay on top of your rubbish to keep your home clean and your neighbours happy.

Skip bins provide a safe storage spot for rubbish until it’s removed.

Pile of full bin bags

A build-up of rubbish is a health hazard

Albert Park is the best way to ditch your junk and save time and money. AOT Skip Bins offer an unbeatable service thanks to our unique set-up.

Skip bin hire in Ascot Park is an eco-friendly method of waste management

Did you know that skip bins offer an eco-friendly waste management solution?

Most of what we collect is eligible for recycling.

We offer a variety of skip bins that are designed for certain types of waste.

For example, green waste skip bins are meant only for the following –

  • Trees
  • Weeds
  • Woodchips
  • Grass
  • Shrubs
  • Bark
  • Stumps
  • Leaves
  • Branches

You cannot put stones or tiles and pavers in these skip bins because we want to keep the contents of these skip bins entirely biodynamic. That means we can easily turn it into compost. This is a great way to recycle garden waste.

Is there anything I’m not allowed to put in skip bins?

This is a common question; some things cannot be put into any skip bin.

These include –

  • Asbestos
  • Oils
  • Paint
  • Batteries

These items are hazardous or cause a fire risk. If you have any of these items, don’t hesitate to contact the proper authorities to learn how to dispose of them without putting yourself and others at risk.


Batteries pose a fire hazard and must not be put into skip bins

Why choose AOT Skip Bins, Ascot Park?

As a well-established, local business, we understand your needs. We know that our customers want fast delivery at an affordable price – so that’s exactly what we offer.

If you have any questions about skip bin hire, safety, waste types or cost, please get in touch.

Is skip hire the best way to remove rubbish?

There’s no more convenient way to remove your rubbish in Ascot Park. Yes, you can visit the dump – but that costs money and time!

You’re wasting hours when you need to drive to and from the dump multiple times per day. Skip bin hire in Ascot Park is much easier.

Once your skip bin is full, we will take it away. What could be simpler?

Should I have a permit for my skip bin?

Not unless you want it on public lands like a nature strip or road. If you place the skip in your own drive or garden, you won’t need a permit.

Do get in touch to ask us questions about hiring skip bins. We’re always here to help.