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Skip bin hire Clovelly Park is in high demand at the moment. This popular and growing suburb is seeing a lot of action on the real estate front.

This means lots of house moves, renovations, building projects and DIY.

Choosing the right skip bin hire company in Clovelly Park is easy when you know how to book the best. Most residents and business owners in the area know AOT Skip Bins and because we’re a local business, we know the area very well.

The team at AOT Skip Bins understand the needs of local residents and we also know how important the environment is to you. Our operatives are highly trained to ensure no spillage occurs during collection so that the local waterways and green spaces do not suffer the effects of rubbish blowing around.

Skip bin hire in Clovelly Park is something that locals benefit from because it is important to keep your suburb clean and thriving.

Skip bin hire

AOT Skip Bins Clovelly Park

Why choose Skip bin hire in Clovelly Park?

Skip bin hire is the most effective way to clear out any junk you may have laying around. Hiring a skip bin is an easier, more affordable and time-efficient way to discard of your rubbish than taking everything to the dump on your own.

Taking that trip to the dump wastes time, energy and fuel which can be used for other things. There’s nothing as convenient as having a skip bin on your doorstep exactly when you most need it.

House moves, building and renovations are stressful periods for most of us. Why not keep things simple and stress-free with a skip bin?

Skip bin hire is eco-friendly

Join AOT Skip Bins in trying to make Australia a more eco-friendly place. It is no secret that the ways in which our waste is disposed of can affect the environment –  but what exactly can we do to help prevent polluting our earth?

By using skip bins, you are directly helping us to recycle a lot more of Australia’s waste and keep our communities thriving.

Where do skip bins come in?

We help by supplying skip bins for a variety of different waste types. For example, our green waste skip bins are only for disposing of natural waste materials such as – grass clippings, tree branches etc. When you hire a green waste skip bin, we ensure that these materials go straight to making new compost. We also provide recycling for other waste types.

How to book skip bin hire in Clovelly Park

AOT Skip Bin’s booking system is unique because it’s been designed to make it easy for you. We want to ensure our customers get the right skip bin for the right price every time they book.

3-step booking system

Our booking system is designed with three easy steps for the convenience of our customers.

2 – Choose your skip bin

3 – Select your delivery date

Entering your postcode triggers the booking system for your suburb. Choosing your skip bin is made easy with our list of bins and the waste types they are intended for. Selecting your delivery date is to ensure that you rubbish is removed at a time most convenient.

What can you put in skip bins?

While almost anything can be put in a skip bin, there are a few exceptions such as asbestos, liquids, batteries and gas bottles.

If you need to dispose of one of these prohibited items, disposal can be arranged with your local Council. Aside from materials prohibited in South Australia, there is a skip bin type for most kinds of waste you may need getting rid of.

You can use skip bins for the following amongst other items –

  • Old furniture
  • Metals
  • Flooring
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Rubble
  • Soil
  • Green waste

Why choose skip bins over the dump?

Simply put, skip bins are the best choice to make. They arrive when you want them to, you can use them for as long as you need, they save you from doing any unnecessary labour and save time for you to get on with other things.

Skip bin hire in Clovelly Park offers you the ideal way to remove your waste quickly and efficiently, keeping your home and local environment clean.

AOT Skip Bins are filling the gap with skip bin hire Clovelly Park

Here at AOT Skip Bins, we know what our customers want and ensure we provide it. In general, our regulars want low prices, fast delivery and reliability.

That’s exactly what we bring to the table.

We’re a local company, and we know the area extremely well, so your delivery won’t ever be delayed.

Skip bin hire Clovelly Park for house moves

Moving in or out of Clovelly Park? Then a skip bin is a must. Everyone builds up a lot of unwanted rubbish over a few years, whether it’s old furniture, general junk or garden toys.

Cardboard boxes

Moving house always means a build-up of junk

We all need to dispose of this rubbish and a skip bin keeps it simple. necessitates.

Why bother with the dump? When you’re already super-busy, a skip bin makes your life simpler and saves time.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Clovelly Park?

Not if you keep it on your own land – you can park a skip bin on your own land with no permit. If however, you want to park it on the road or nature strip, then a permit will be needed.

How do I know if there’s asbestos on my property?

If your property was built before the mid-1980s, then it’s safe to assume that there is asbestos present somewhere.

Asbestos revealed in broken wall

Asbestos can hide within unexpected areas of your home

It’s not always easy to spot though. Asbestos can be pretty front and centre – for example, in fences or roofs, but did you know it can also hide in unexpected places, such as old floor tiles?

If you have any concerns, do not undertake any renovations or DIY projects which involve breaking or opening up parts of the building because you might unwittingly expose yourself to asbestos.

Always check with the proper authorities and hire an expert. Asbestos removal needs specialist equipment to ensure your safety.

For more information about asbestos, please visit the S.A. Government Website on asbestos.