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Skip bin hire Cumberland Park

AOT Skip Bins Cumberland Park

Skip Bin Hire Cumberland Park with AOT Skip Bins

Cumberland Park is a popular suburb with plenty of great amenities and a strong community.

At only 5km from Adelaide’s CBD, it’s a perfect place for commuters or for those who want to settle in a vibrant place.

The area is full of high quality homes and people are naturally keen to renovate and build new properties too.

As a local skip bin hire company in Cumberland Park, AOT Skip Bins have been supporting the local home and business owners for a long time.

We provide a speedy delivery service and a flexible hire term on skip bins Cumberland Park.

No matter what you need a skip bin for, we’ve got you sorted.

Waste removal from Cumberland Park – the sensible way

When you’re busy with renovations, building or moving house, there’s a lot to do. This busy period can be stressful and skip bin hire Cumberland Park makes things much simpler.

Easy booking system

Booking a skip bin is super-easy. Our system is designed to ensure you get the right skip bin and always at a great price.

It’s three easy steps –

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Choose your waste type and size
  3. Select your day of delivery

Once you’ve chosen your waste type and decided on a size for your skip hire Cumberland Park then you can pay via our easy payment portal.

Then you can sit back and await the delivery of your skip bin.

What can I put in a skip bin?

The beauty of skip bins is that they’re suitable for most waste types. Here’s a list of just some of the things which you can put in a skip bin.

  • Building waste
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Gravel
  • Soil
  • Timber
  • Green waste
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • White goods (please ask your supplier before putting white goods in your skip)

This is why skip bins are so convenient – no more dump runs! Dump runs don’t just cost money but also time. You have to load a trailer with your rubbish, drive it to the dump, empty the trailer yourself and pay fees.

Skip bins Cumberland Park mean you can just wait for your skip bin to arrive, fill it up at your own convenience and then it will be removed when you’re ready.

Green skip bin full of rubbishWe provide skip bin hire Cumberland Park for all sorts of uses, –

  • DIY
  • Building
  • General rubbish removal
  • Garden renovation
  • Shed clear-outs
  • Business waste support

When you’re already pressed for time and need to dispose of building waste or old furniture, a skip bin offers a fast, reliable and clean solution.

Are skip bins eco-friendly?

The short answer to this is yes! Skip bins are a very sustainable way to manage your waste. Contrary to popular belief, the contents of skip bins are not routinely sent to landfill sites – which are very bad for the environment – but is sorted and recycled as much as possible.

This is the reason we offer different skip bins for different waste types. For example –

  • General waste
  • Concrete waste
  • Screen waste
  • Builder’s waste
  • Mixed waste

By separating the waste types in this way it makes recycling much simpler for the skip bin supplier.

The alternative, visiting the dump, is time-consuming and costs in terms of time and fuel.

Skip bin hire offers a uniquely eco-friendly method of waste removal. We recycle much of what we remove and always clean up after each skip collection.

That means we don’t leave odd scraps of rubbish blowing around so that it ends up in places it doesn’t belong!

What can’t go into skip bins?

Some things cannot go into skip bins for various reasons – either they are flammable or they’re restricted due to toxicity.

  • Asbestos – this is highly toxic and needs specialist removal
  • Oil – all liquids need to be taken to council recycling
  • Paint – same as oil, not suitable for skip bins
  • Batteries – these are a fire hazard – many libraries in Adelaide as well as some shops offer battery disposal

Batteries cannot go into skip bins

Why choose AOT Skip Bins?

As a local and family-owned company, we know Cumberland Park very well so delivery is always smooth for our customers.

We value our customers and strive to ensure you get a great service every time.

When you book with us, you can relax knowing you’ll always get a first-class service.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Cumberland Park?

Not if you place your skip bin on your own land. You will need a permit to place your skip bin on public lands, such as a road or a nature strip.

When you choose the spot for your skip bin, it’s best to ensure that there are no overhanging branches or wires which might interfere with the lorry.

If you have any questions about permits, please contact us – we’re always happy to help.

Packing your skip bin effectively

When you come to fill your skip bin up, ensure that you lay flat items inside the bin first. Break down old furniture so that it takes up less space.

This will ensure there are no air pockets in the skip which could otherwise be used for rubbish!

If you have any questions about skips, what you can and cannot put in them or about permits, please get in touch. Our experienced and friendly team are always pleased to offer assistance.