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Skip bins Eastwood and mini skips Eastwood are in demand right now as more and more people choose to move into this popular suburb of Adelaide. Here at AOT Skip Bins we’ve been happy to provide a first-class service to our customers for many years now. We pride ourselves on our speedy delivery and most of all on our unbeatable prices.

Thanks to our unique system, when you order Eastwood skips with us, you’ll always get a great deal. To expand, this because we compare prices for you, so when you book online, you’re automatically shown the cheapest prices for your chosen day of delivery.

Additionally, we can deliver at your convenience and usually within 24 hours of your contact.

This means is that ordering with us, you’re guaranteed a low price and a great service.

Skips Eastwood are the most convenient way to remove your waste. If you’d like to book, just enter your postcode here and choose a skip bin type! It’s really that simple!

Here are some FAQs about skip bin hire.

What can I put in Eastwood skips?

There’s very little you can’t put in them! We’ve got all kinds of skip bins for all kinds of waste. Different models are suited to different waste-types. Check the list out here.

  • GENERAL WASTE – this type of skip bin is most popular with households. It’s suitable for a wide range of waste types including old furniture, tyres, mattresses, old televisions and computers. It is not suitable for concrete, dirt or tiles.
  • CONCRETE WASTE – this type of skip bin is suitable for renovations and landscaping. You can use it for concrete, bricks, pavers and tiles. Remember to wear a mask when removing this kind of waste from your property.
  • GREEN WASTE – as the name suggests, this skip bin is for branches, cuttings, leaves, shrubs, bark chips and weeds. It is not suitable for old lawn or food scraps.
  • BUILDERS WASTE – this type of skip is more versatile than the concrete waste skip bin. It’s ok to put general waste in this skip bin in addition to concrete, tiles, bricks, steel and metal. It’s not ok to put asbestos in these skips. Asbestos needs to be removed by specialists. Please see the above SA guidelines.

One thing we cannot take is asbestos which is a very dangerous substance. Consequently, it requires specialist treatment and removal so if you’ve got some on your property, please visit to learn more about how to manage the removal of asbestos.

If you are unsure about which skip bin to order, please get in touch with us to discuss your waste and we’ll be happy to help.


Skip Bins Eastwood

Why is skip bin hire Eastwood the best choice?

Choosing to order skip bins Eastwood is a convenient and fast way of dealing with excess waste. There’s nothing simpler than having a skip delivered to your door. Once it’s full, then we will come and remove it again! Super easy!

Dumps charge fees and you’ve got to do a lot of extra work just to get your rubbish loaded and unloaded. The fuel costs of making dump-runs should also be factored-in.

AOT Skip Bins provide a ramp with your order so that if you’ve got heavy rubbish, you can push a wheelbarrow up to the opening in the back of your skip bin. Skips are super clean and because they come in different sizes, you only need to order what you need. There’s no wasted space.

Do I need a permit?

The only time you might need a permit is if you want to place your skip bin on public land. If you’re planning on having it on your drive or in your garden, you do not need a permit.

Get in touch to ask questions or enter your postcode today to see our low prices and order!