What is a Skip Bin?

Published on August 13, 2015
A green recycling skip bin for hire

You’ve probably seen skip bins in your local area. Skip bins are waste receptacles that typically have a rectangular or trapezoid shape. These methods of waste removal are used by anyone that needs to have a larger amount of waste removed than the average amount a family would accumulate within a week. Larger families, businesses, individuals and large corporations all use skip bins for this very purpose.

Skip bins can be ordered in different sizes to meet either the individual or business need for a larger container to put their waste in. Skip bin sizes are as small as 2 cubic metres, which is the equivalent of 3 6×4 trailers. Skips also come as large as 9 cubic metres, which is the equivalent of 13 6×4 trailers

Skip bins are used by hiring a skip bin company. After the customer selects the best skip bin company for hire and the perfect size skip bin to meet their waste removal needs, the skip bin is then delivered to the customer. The customer has use of the skip bin until the skip bin company comes back to pick it up, either on a predetermined date or whenever the skip bin is full. The skip bin company may also remove the full skip and replace it with an empty one.

Skip bins that are used by landlords or businesses as a method of waste removal are typically picked up when full and replaced with an empty skip bin. Skip bins that are used by the individual for small cleaning projects can be picked up whenever the project is done, as this can be in as little as one day.

Skip bins are the perfect solution to disposing of waste for projects of all sizes. Mini skips are ideal for small cleaning projects while larger waste receptacles can be ideal for larger projects, such as cleaning out an estate or office building.

Beau Schutz