How can skip bin hire help the environment?

Published on June 22, 2023

Skip bin hire is a very eco-friendly way to manage waste. Waste management has generally experienced many developments and benefited from new processes and equipment in recent years.

Skip bin hire is an effective way to make sure your recyclable waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion. AOT Skip Bins is a local company that has been established for many years and which ensures careful procedures are followed with every skip bin collection.

How can skip bin hire help the environment?

Skip bin hire helps the environment in a number of ways. Firstly, the practice of recycling the collected waste materials. This is a very effective way to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfills.

Landfill sites hurt the environment – which we will discuss in greater detail further down the page.

Skip bin hire in Adelaide keeps waste out of landfill

Skip bin hire can help avoid landfill

By providing customers with different skip bin types, AOT Skip Bins ensures that the collected waste is easily sorted. It is then distributed to recycling centres.

These recycling centres then deal with the waste. They use carefully managed processes to ensure that all recyclable materials are taken to make new products.

The skip bin types provided are as follows –

  • Green waste skip bins
  • Concrete & brick skip bins
  • Soil  dirt skip bins
  • Mixed waste skip bins
  • General waste skip bins

AOT Skip Bins ensures that each skip bin is right for the customer by checking upon booking what the customer’s waste consists of.

For example, a customer with a lot of old furniture, tiles and toys will generally need a mixed waste skip bin. A customer with piles of garden waste will need a green waste skip bin.

Skip bin hire in Adelaide with AOT Skip Bins

The green waste is taken to be turned into compost. Recyclable items like bricks and stones are taken to be reused in new building projects.

Plastics, metals and textiles can also be recycled.

Careful handling is better for the environment

By encouraging customers to follow the guidelines, AOT Skip Bins ensures the environment is safe from rubbish.

Customers are told never to fill a skip bin over and above the fill line. This is to avoid the risk of rubbish escaping the skip bin whilst it’s in situ or when it is in transit.

Rubbish flying out of skip bins is not only a danger to passers-by but can land in places it does not belong, such as our waterways, beaches and green spaces.

When our operatives collect full skip bins, they always clear up the area around the skip bin. This is so that no dirt or debris is left in place.

Looking after our environment is important to the team at AOT Skip Bins, and they are dedicated to ensuring skip bins don’t cause damage.

Why are landfills bad for the environment?

To answer this question, we need to look at a few basic facts and answer a few questions. Firstly, we have to remember that landfills are a part of Australia’s infrastructure, which cannot be avoided currently. They provide a place for rubbish which cannot be recycled. At the moment, we have no other solution for this issue.

What are landfills?

Today, landfills are vastly different to the landfills of the past. Once upon a time, landfill sites consisted of holes in the ground used to dump all sorts of rubbish. Anything could go into a landfill, and they were not regulated.

Today, landfill sites are highly regulated and carefully designed to ensure safety. Each landfill is basically a large hole in the ground, and that hole is divided into what are known as “cells”.

Cells are lined – 6 or 7 layers deep, to ensure that the liquids produced as the waste breaks down do not enter the ground surrounding the cell.

Avoiding environmental impact in the future with skip bin hire

The cells are designed to be safe holding spaces for rubbish that cannot be recycled, and they have been created to avoid future environmental impact.

The waste which goes into the cells includes all sorts of rubbish. Generally, the contents of domestic bins, which don’t include green or recyclable waste, will go into landfill.

Other waste types include construction waste, industrial waste and commercial waste.

Even rubble can be recycled

Not all landfill sites accept domestic waste, and not all sites accept asbestos because those waste types require very specific conditions to ensure the safety of people who may come into contact with the site.

One positive part of landfills is that the gases produced by the rotting waste can be gathered and used to produce power. This is something which is becoming more and more common in Australia.

However, despite this, landfill sites are still considered bad for the environment. The problems include noxious and potentially dangerous odours and the leeching of gases like methane and nitrogen, which contribute to climate change and can create smog.

Australia must come together to ensure less waste goes into landfill and more is recycled sensibly.

Recycling at home and work with Skip bin hire

Starting at home, recycling can become an ordinary part of everyone’s lives. Many places in Adelaide are designed to make recycling easier.

These might be drop-off points in shops and libraries for things like batteries and e-waste or charitable organisations accepting paint donations.

Avoiding purchasing items with excessive packaging is one way householders can contribute to ensuring Australia stays beautiful and lowers its greenhouse gas emissions.

AOT Skip Bins is committed to helping keep waste out of landfills by providing high-quality skip bin hire. Learn more about how to book a skip bin here.

Beau Schutz