Skip Bins: History, Uses and Tips

Published on July 15, 2015


The history of skip bins, which are large containers used for waste, remains unclear. Skip Bins are believed to have originated in the United Kingdom, and have since spread worldwide. Skip bins, commonly referred to as dumpsters in the United States and Canada and simply as “skips” in the UK, are now used by everyone from large companies to ordinary homeowners for waste management.


Using a skip continues to grow in popularity. Skip bins have a large variety of uses from assisting the individual customer with spring cleaning to providing the large corporation with a convenient way to dispose of waste after demolishing a building. These large waste containers have also been used by landlords, construction companies, and even the common individual. Renovating a home can be made much easier with a skip bin hire, as can a simple home project such as cleaning out the attic.


Before selecting a company that you consider to be the best for a skip bin hire, it is vital that the consumer is aware of what they are looking for in a skip bin company and what they would like in a skip bin. For individuals or companies that have never used a skip, browsing online can help to determine answers to commonly asked questions such as:

  • What to look for in a skip bin
  • How to choose the appropriate skip bin sizes
  • What you can and can’t dispose of in skip bin
  • Whether or not a skip is the best option for you

After you have confirmed that you are in need of a skip bin hire, take some time to shop around and browse through different skip bin companies. One thing that helps AOT to stand out from other skip bins is the way we take our time to recycle your waste for you. Whether it be taking dirt and recycling that into mulch or recycling your aluminum cans, we go out of our way to ensure that as little waste as possible winds up in landfills.

Follow the tips above to ensure your skip bin needs are taken care of.

Beau Schutz