How to Choose a Skip Bin Company to Hire

Published on February 10, 2016

Choosing the right mini skip hire company remains every bit as important as choosing the appropriate skip bin. When choosing a skip bin company, you want one that offers the product you are looking for in the size that you need at a great cost. When looking at mini skip companies, be sure to check out the products and prices offered to ensure that you’re getting just that.

Delivery times are equally important. No one wants to hire a skip bin and get started on their latest home renovation project just to realise that their method of waste disposal won’t be delivered for another two days. Many skips hire companies in offer next day delivery, but some may take additional time to be delivered. Be sure to look into delivery times when choosing your skip bin company, or call the company to ask about different delivery options.

Once you’re done with your mini skip, the skip bin company you have chosen to hire will come and pick up the skip bin. When speaking with the company of your choice, inquire about if you must set a pre-determined pickup date, and, if not, how soon they will be picking it up. Some skip bin companies charge additional fees if the skip is kept for longer than scheduled as well.

Calling a skip bin company is a great way to get a feel for the company. If there are any problems with your mini skip or payments, customers want to hire a company that has friendly and reliable customer service. Customer service representatives should take the time to listen to and then address any concerns of the customer with the best interest of the customer in mind. Too many larger companies are quickly turning to call centres to answer their phones, forcing customers to speak with a representative after waiting on hold for long periods of time. This is extremely impersonal for the customer. There are still companies that offer a personal customer service experience, that doesn’t involve call centres.

Beau Schutz