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Solving the area’s drought, the Adelaide Desalination plant, which turns seawater into drinking water, leads the way when it comes to using renewable energy. Besides that, there are chemical manufacturing companies and a plethora of other large industrial concerns, creating a high demand for skip bins in Lonsdale.

In line with AOT Skip Bins’s mission to keep Australia beautiful, energy-saving giant 1414 Degrees is committed to creating clean, useable heat that can be utilised for district heating or industrial purposes. Based in Lonsdale, skips on this front, for example, are constantly being used.

Industry-intense the need for recyclable waste disposal and skip bins in Lonsdale goes without saying.

AOT Skip Bins is certainly a strong service contributor to this golden slice of our country by providing the majority of skip bins in Lonsdale for responsible waste disposal.

Go Green in Lonsdale With Skip Bins

Here at AOT Skip Bins, we aim to reduce overfilled landfill sites and increase recycling, allowing our environment and future generations to reap the rewards. So, keep Australia beautiful with skip hire. Recycling is something we are passionate about, and it’s not reserved for skip bins in Lonsdale but is in all our locations nationwide.

Time is money

Trawling the Internet for skips can take up a lot of your time. Be it standard or mini skips in Lonsdale that you are after, with our system, it has never been easier. Forget ringing about getting quotes for Lonsdale skips; our system does it all for you.


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We have one of the easiest and most helpful ordering systems on the net. Ordering skip bins is as easy as one, two, or three:

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Our system will then give you the best price for one of our skip bins. For your Lonsdale skips, you can get your quote and book online 24 hours a day.