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Skip bins and skip bin hire in Alberfoyle Park 5159 are regular needs for residents and business owners alike.

This leafy Southern suburb of Adelaide is just 20 km from the CBD. Naturally, this makes it a desirable location for anyone who wants to be close enough to commute but enjoy a slower pace of life.

Yellow skip binThat’s not to say Alberfoyle Park is without attractions or buzz!  There’s plenty here to keep both children and adults busy.

With some gorgeous green spaces, a great mix of retail opportunities and good schools, it’s a popular spot to live.

Real estate in the area is always in demand. New houses and old alike are snapped up pretty quickly.

With all of this, there’s naturally a strong need for support with resident’s rubbish management.

The City of Onkaparinga is the body which manages waste and recycling in Alberfoyle Park. However, most people find there’s some need for additional services at some point.

Whether that’s due to moving house, clearing a property, building or DIY, here at AOT Skip Bins, we’re pleased to help!

AOT Skip Bins Provide Skip Bins Alberfoyle Park in all Sizes

We offer skip bins from 2m3 all the way up to 9m3. A helpful guide as to how much waste will fit into all of our skip bins can be found here.

How do I know which size skip bin to book?

The guide linked above is very simple to manage. It shows how many wheelie bins worth of waste can fit into each skip bin.

This is a useful way of envisioning things. For most people, a moderately sized skip bin is enough. The smallest skip bins are good for minor clear-up jobs such as emptying a shed or spare room.

If you have any doubts, please get in touch. We’re always happy to support you in your questions.

What can go into skip bins?

There are various types of skip bin available for hire. Some are meant for mixed or general waste whilst others have specific restrictions.

These include, concrete & brick skip bins, green waste skip bins and soil & dirt skip bins.

Bin with green wasteThe reasoning behind separating waste in this way is because this way, it’s much easier for skip bin contractors to recycle the contents.

With a skip bin full of green waste, a contractor can drop the skip bin off at a recycling plant and then the contents will be turned into compost.

This is a great thing for the environment. Here at AOT Skip Bins, we’re always happy to support efforts to keep waste out of landfill.

What can’t go into skip bins?

Asbestos is not allowed in skip bins. The reason is that it is a very unstable and dangerous material. It requires specialist knowledge and equipment to be removed safely.

Whilst it’s true that asbestos removal specialists do use skip bins of their own to contain and transport asbestos, this is only because they manage it in a particular way.

They also use protective clothing, special sealed lids and vacuums to ensure that the asbestos cannot escape into the surrounding environment.


Batteries post a fire hazard and must not be put into skip bins

If you have any questions about asbestos and it’s safe removal, please visit the SA Gov Advisory Page for asbestos removal and management.

What particular things cannot go in skip bins?

Other items which cannot be put into skip bins include the following –

  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • LPG gas cylinders
  • Tyres
  • E Waste

What is E-Waste?

E-waste stands for electronic waste which includes mobile phones, televisions and hifis and so on. If you have any e-waste or any of the other prohibited items, please visit Onkaparinga’s A-Z Recycling Guide for local recycling points

Are skip bins Alberfoyle Park the best way to remove rubbish?

Indeed they are! Skip bins in Alberfoyle Park make much more sense than dump runs. Dump runs take up hours of your time and they cost money in fees and fuel.

Map of Southern Suburbs of Adelaide

Southern Suburbs

A skip bin takes one payment only and you don’t have to go anywhere. Once the skip bin is on your driveway, all you need to do is fill it up!

You should also be aware that skip bins are a very eco-friendly way to manage large amounts of waste. Suited for both home and business uses, you can tailor your skip bin requirements to your individual project.

Tips on filling up your skip bin

It’s easy for the beginner skip bin user to imagine themselves simply hurling rubbish into the skip bin. In fact, that’s the opposite of what you need to do.

Place things in carefully. Use the ramp provided for heavy items and always start with flat things such as planks, old doors or broken down furniture.

Lay flat things at the base of the skip bin and then fill it up with the bulkier items.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Alberfoyle Park?

Not if you want to place it on your own land. If however you want to put it on a nature strip or other public area, you will need to contact The City of Onkaparinga for a permit.

Remember, we’re always here to assist with any questions you might have!