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Skip bin hire in Seaford is something locals always need. Seaford is a trendy suburb in Southern Adelaide. It’s a friendly place right next to the ocean – with a village feel to it, the area is surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside South Australia has to offer.

There are also many great amenities in Seaford, such as the shopping centre Seaford Central and the excellent schools. Not to mention the great transport links – Seaford Railway Station is a direct route to the city of Adelaide, and there are many bus routes that feed into Seaford from all over the Southern Suburbs.

Train station

Seaford Station is a modern and well-used station

AOT Skip Bins has always worked in this area, and you can often find our skip bins in the streets here. We know Seaford very well as locals, so delivery is never an issue!

Why choose to skip bin hire in Seaford?

Simply put, skip bin hire in Seaford is the best way to dispose of your extra junk. Why? Because it’s so convenient and affordable!

When you book a skip bin, it’s delivered right to your doorstep. This means you don’t waste any of your precious time in dump runs!

Dump runs use energy, fuel and money – skip bins keep it all close to home so you can get on with more important tasks.

Skip bin hire is eco-friendly

Join AOT Skip Bins in trying to make Australia a more eco-friendly place. We all understand how waste is disposed of affects the environment, but what can we do about it?

By using skip bins, you’re directly helping us to recycle more of Australia’s waste materials. Skip bins are a great way to ensure your junk is taken and turned into something new.

3 coloured bins

Recycling is important, and skip bins support our efforts here in Australia

For example, we supply skip bins meant only for certain waste types – such as green waste – because we can turn that green waste into compost easily because the skip bin has only green waste in it, which makes it ideal for composting.

The same for soil, bricks, concrete and more!

When you use a skip bin, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit to keep Australia beautiful.

How to book skip bin hire Seaford

AOT Skip Bin’s booking system is unique because it’s been designed to make it easy for you. We want to ensure our customers get the right skip bin for the right price every time they book.

Unique 3-step booking system

We designed a booking system with three easy steps to make things easier for our customers.

1 – Enter your postcode

2 – Choose your skip bin

3 – Select your delivery date

Entering your postcode triggers the booking system for your suburb. Next, choosing your skip bin is easy, thanks to the list of skip bin types and waste types you’ll see in step 2.

Finally, choose your delivery date – when you’re free to make the most of your skip bin hire in Seaford.

What can you put in skip bins?

Almost anything apart from asbestos, liquids, batteries and other things. See here for a full list of prohibited items for skip bins in South Australia.

However, you can arrange disposal with Onkaparinga Council if you have some prohibited items. There are several drop-off points for batteries and globes.

Asbestos revealed in broken wall

Asbestos can hide within unexpected areas of your home

On to what you can put in skip bins!

Anything you don’t want that isn’t on the list of prohibited items can go into a skip bin. There are different skip bin types. Some are meant for specific waste types, such as green waste skip bins and soil/dirt skip bins.

But others, such as general or mixed waste skip bins, are great for all sorts of rubbish.

Decide which skip bin type is best for your needs and book it for a day when you have plenty of free time.

What about skip bin permits in Onkaparinga?

You will only need a skip bin permit in Onkaparinga if you plan to place your skip bin on public property. You will need, upon application, to provide a site map that details the proposed location of the skip bin concerning the road verge.

Get in touch with us if you have any concerns. Remember, if you plan to place the skip bin on your land – for example, in your garden, you will not need a skip bin permit from the City of Onkaparinga.

Why choose to skip bins over the dump?

In short, skip bins make more sense!  They come to you, and you can use them for as long as you like. They negate the need to fill up trailers and travel to and from dump sites. They’re fast, affordable and clean.

Pros of skip bin hire

  • Convenience – the skip bin is delivered to you
  • Affordability – skip bin hire in Seaford is very affordable
  • Eco-friendly – as above, skip bin contents are usually recycled where possible
  • Less driving for you

AOT Skip Bins is a family-owned, local business – we’ve been in business for decades and know Seaford and the Southern suburbs well.

We’re here to support homeowners and businesses alike in their waste-disposal needs.