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Skip Bin Hire Parafield Gardens with AOT Skip Bins

Skip bin hire Parafield Gardens is always in demand. This popular, attractive and multi-cultural part of Adelaide is rich in good amenities and housing.

The suburb has been growing steadily since the 1950s and shows no sign of decline. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why AOT Skip Bins is kept so busy in the area.

You’ll often see our skips in the streets around Parafield Gardens as we support locals with their waste management.

At under half an hour from central Adelaide, this is an ideal suburb for city workers who want proximity but also the pleasant air of a smaller suburb.

Adelaide city

Parafield Gardens is less than 30 minutes from Adelaide

AOT Skip Bins Parafield Gardens

We’ve served this suburb for some time and we’re kept busy supporting locals with house moves, DIY, building and clear-outs.

Renovations of both domestic and commercial properties create a lot of junk and we’re pleased to be able to help with our large range of skip bins.

Starting at the small size of 2 cubic metres, our skips are suitable for a very wide range of junk.

We remove –

  • General waste
  • Mixed waste
  • Concrete/brick
  • Soil/dirt
  • Green waste

We supply skip bin hire Parafield Gardens for specific or mixed rubbish. There’s a reason some of our skip bins are set aside for particular waste types – recycling.

We care very much about our environment and by separating waste, we’re able to sort through rubbish more easily and recycle a lot of what we pick up.

Our drivers are extremely careful during pick up – they don’t allow rubbish to escape the bins and pollute the surrounding streets and countryside.

By booking a skip bin with AOT Skip Bins, you’re directly assisting us in our efforts.

What can you put in skip bins?


Batteries post a fire hazard and must not be put into skip bins

There’s not much you can’t put in our skip bins. Apart from asbestos, liquids such as oil and paint, batteries and fluorescent tubes, we accept most things. If you do have asbestos to dispose of, please visit the SA Government advisory site for asbestos.

Here’s a list of the skip bins we offer –

  • GENERAL WASTE – this type of skip bin is most popular with households. It’s suitable for a wide range of waste types including old furniture, tyres, mattresses, old televisions and computers. It is not suitable for concrete, dirt or tiles.
  • CONCRETE WASTE – this type of skip bin is suitable for renovations, demolition, building and landscaping. You can use it for concrete, bricks, pavers and tiles, rubble and the usual hard, heavy waste produced on building sites.
  • GREEN WASTE – as the name suggests, this skip bin is for branches, cuttings, leaves, shrubs, bark chips and weeds. It is not suitable for old lawn or food scraps. Green waste is often produced in high volume during house builds and big landscaping projects. We recycle all we can and the waste is turned into compost.
  • BUILDERS WASTE – this type of skip is more versatile than the concrete waste skip bin. It’s ok to put general waste in this skip bin in addition to concrete, tiles, bricks, steel and metal. It’s not OK to put asbestos in these skips. Asbestos needs to be removed by specialists. Please see the above SA guidelines.

Skip Bins Basket Range with AOT Skip BinsWhy choose a skip bin instead of the dump?

Dumps have their place but skip bin hire Parafield Gardens is vastly more convenient than using a dump.

Dump runs mean loading rubbish into a trailer or truck, driving it to the dump, unloading it and paying for the privilege.

A skip bin means easily disposing of rubbish on-site and then waving it goodbye when we collect it! It’s much easier, less stressful and you’ll save hours of time when you’re already busy.

Are skip bins easy to manage?

Skips are super-easy to use. Most come with a ramp which makes it easy to fill the skip with heavier rubbish. You can push a wheelbarrow up to the lip of the skip and simply tip it in.

There’s a clear line so you don’t overfill too.

Pack your skip carefully – lay flat items at the base of the skip before you put anything else in. This will help you to maximise the amount of waste your skip bin will hold.

Should I have a permit for my skip bin?

You do not need a permit for use of a skip bin on your land. You will need a permit if you want to place the skip bin on the road outside of your property or on the verge.

Do get in touch to ask us questions about the process of hiring skip bins or to clarify permit questions. We’re always here to help.