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Skip bin hire at O’Sullivan Beach is undoubtedly one of the best ways to manage excess waste. Here at AOT Skip Bins, we’ve been supporting the people of this area and surrounding suburbs for many years.

O’Sullivan Beach is renowned for its beautiful scenery and its good housing. It’s close enough to the CBD for residents to commute in under an hour comfortably, and besides, it’s also near the more central town of Noarlunga, where there are many good amenities.

As a result, housing sales here are excellent, and there’s a consistent need for skip bin hire to support renovation, DIY and house moves.

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AOT Skip Bins O’Sullivan Beach

We provide skip bin hire at O’Sullivan Beach for both homeowners and businesses. Businesses in the area also need support regarding their rubbish removal.

Our skip bins, aside from a few prohibited items, are available for all waste types.

You can book a skip bin, especially for green waste, soil or mixed waste, bricks and stone. Skip bins make your big jobs much simpler.

Skip Bin Hire O’Sullivan Beach for House Clearances

House clearances can be stressful. You have a big task ahead of you, which can be hard work. Rather than using a dump, many people choose to skip bin hire O’Sullivan Beach because it’s so convenient.

Clearing room after room in a house will always result in much waste. Old flooring, the contents of cupboards and sheds, broken fittings and unused items all have to go somewhere.

A skip bin makes the ideal answer to the problem. Rather than making dump runs, you can carry rubbish outside and into the skip bin simply.

Skip bins are simple to use and easy to book

Using a skip bin is very easy. Even if you are new to them, there’s nothing simpler. Most come complete with a ramp, so you can easily get big, heavy waste into the skip bin. Skip bins have a rear opening so you can push your barrow up to the container and deposit bricks, stones, soil or whatever you need to get rid of.

When your skip bin arrives, you can start using it immediately. Once full, the skip bin is collected.

Booking could not be simpler with our 3-step booking system.

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Choose your waste type
  3. Select a day for delivery

It’s that easy. Choosing waste type is also simple because each type of waste is easy to read through and select in that booking form section.

For example, maybe you have a waste of all different types – then you would choose mixed or general waste skip bins. Or perhaps you only have green waste? In that case, choose a green waste skip bin.

We’ve made skip bin hire at O’Sullivan Beach as simple and convenient as possible for our customers.

Is there anything that can’t go into skip bins?

Yes. Some items and material types are not safe for skip bins.

These include –


Batteries pose a fire hazard and must not be put into skip bins


These are not safe for skip bins or your general waste bins. The problem with batteries is that they can spontaneously burst into flames. This is bad for obvious reasons. Many libraries offer containers for battery recycling, or you can look at Onkaparinga Council’s various options.


Asbestos must not be placed in your skip bins. This is because it is highly toxic and needs specialist handling by qualified professionals.

Do not attempt to touch or interfere with asbestos on your property.

Oils and paint

These are other substances that need special care in disposal. Onkaparinga Council has options for the disposal of oils and paints. In some cases, paints can be donated to charities where they will be put to good use rather than sent to landfill.

Old paint can

Paint may not be put into skip bins.

There are other prohibited items; please get in touch with us if you have any doubts. Our team is very well-trained and can offer assistance with all skip bin-related queries.

Will I need a permit for skip bin hire at O’Sullivan Beach?

Probably not. You will only need a permit to place your skip bin on public land. If you put it on your land, no permit is needed.  

Remember, our team is friendly and pleased to assist customers with questions about skip bins and hire.