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Skip bin hire in McLaren Vale is always needed. Both businesses and homeowners in this popular little town are constantly improving their properties or simply managing the build-up of waste created by so many visitors.

McLaren Vale is a draw for tourists due to the many independent wineries in and around the town.

In addition to some lovely, history-filled wineries, there are many smaller boutique-style shops and cafes, a couple of art galleries and plenty of lovely bed and breakfasts.

View of the hills of McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale is a beautiful wine region

People arrive for the weekend and generally want to stay longer!

McLaren Vale businesses work together to ensure the town stays attractive and appealing. There’s plenty of art around the streets, and people enjoy live music at several venues.

With so much activity, it’s little wonder that the people here need support with their rubbish management.

Skip Bin Hire McLaren Vale with AOT Skip Bins

Whether you’re a business owner or a town resident, you’ve likely had cause to receive support with your waste.

Council bin collections only remove a small amount of rubbish weekly. So if you’re engaged in a DIY project, a house move, or a building, you’ll need a skip bin.

Many local businesses here are supplying food and retail experiences too. These industries create a lot of rubbish due to packaging.

When you book a skip bin with AOT, you’ll receive a low-cost skip and the sort of service you’ll only get from a local company.

AOT Skip Bins have been servicing this area for a long time. We know the streets and the people well! That means you’ll always get speedy and helpful delivery.

When do skip bins make sense?

Generally, when you’ve got a build-up of waste or expect a build-up of waste, these times come regularly if you own a home.

Maybe you’ve cleared out the shed, or you’re upgrading the bathroom. If so, there’s going to be junk!

Shed full of junk

Sheds can get messy – a skip bin is an ideal solution

Similarly, moving house or clearing a relative’s house will mean that extra waste is piled up. We all create waste – old toys, clothing, gym or kitchen equipment – it just arrives!

Rather than visiting the dump, consider hiring a skip bin.

Why choose a skip bin?

The other option, the dump, makes much less sense for most people. Skip bins are convenient – they arrive at your door, and you fill them up.

Once filled, then we remove them. What could be easier?

Dump runs, on the other hand, cost time. You not only have to fill a trailer or van up, but you also have to drive it to the dump and unload it.

This is in addition to paying a fee for dumping and fuel!

Then, most people won’t be able to ditch all the rubbish in one journey and so must return again and again to the dump. Each time loading and unloading, paying fuel and dumping fees and using up all your time and energy.

In what world does any of that make sense when AOT Skip Bins can have a big, empty skip bin at your address as soon as tomorrow?

Where can I park a skip bin?

On your property, choose a spot where you can easily bring rubbish to the skip bin without impediment. The land should be flat, and nothing like big rocks or hollow parts shouldn’t be in your way.

Yellow skip binDon’t block entranceways or exits, and beware of parking spots. Make sure anyone driving in and out does not have their view obscured in any direction.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in McLaren Vale?

Not unless you want to park the skip bin on public land. Public land includes the street directly outside your home or business and the nature strip outside your home.

If you are unsure, contact Onkaparinga Council for more information.

What can I put in a skip bin?

AOT Skip Bins offer skips for almost all waste types.

For example –


Whatever waste type you need to dispose of, AOT Skip Bins can help.

Why are there different skip bins for various waste types?

We offer different skip bins for different waste types because it makes recycling much easier.

We care deeply about the environment and want to make a difference. The amount of rubbish that goes into landfill needs to be reduced.

Landfill sites are bad for the environment, so the more waste that gets recycled, the better.

By separating waste types, we can easily take them to recycling plants to ensure the contents are re-used.

We understand, though, that sometimes, using a specific skip bin is impossible. That’s why we offer mixed waste skip bins or general skip bins.

Sometimes, we all have a build-up of various waste types. It might include furniture and toys plus some tiles, for example. That’s fine.

Can I put mattresses in skip bins?

What about televisions or tyres? The good news is that we can take these things for you.

AOT will take mattresses, tyres, computer monitors and televisions for a small additional fee. We ask that you place them on top of your skip bin and notify us of the item at the time of the booking.