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Skip Bin Hire Mawson Lakes with AOT Skip BinsSkip bin hire Mawson Lakes is always needed. This highly desirable area is full of great housing, beautiful views and a tight, active community.

The properties here are of a high standard and there are some excellent schools in the area. People living in Mawson Lakes are keen to ensure their homes and businesses stay in great condition and waste removal is a big part of that.

AOT Skip Bins works hard to ensure that the people of the area have a reliable and affordable service to rely on. We supply skip bin hire daily to the people of Mawson Lakes for both domestic and commercial use.

Mawson Lakes Skip Bins

Mawson Lakes is a highly desirable suburb

Whether you’re engaging in a simple clear-up of a property or a bigger task, we offer a wide selection of skips for every use.

  • DIY
  • Building
  • General rubbish removal
  • Garden renovation
  • Shed clear-outs
  • Business waste support

Renovations and DIY waste removal

Renovations, landscaping, DIY projects all create a lot of junk. We’re here to support home and business owners in the tricky part of the task at hand.

Booking a skip bin with AOT Skip Bins is an easy way to keep the work on track. Don’t let waste build up and then waste your time driving to the dump.

Book a skip bin and keep control from the start. Our skips are available in many sizes with the smallest being only 2 metres.

This is great for your driveway or garden and you won’t need a permit if you park the skip on your own land.

How to choose the right skip bin

If you’re new to using skip bins, you might be worried about choosing the correct size or type. Don’t worry though! It’s easy thanks to our booking system.

All you need to do to work out the best skip is to enter your postcode, choose your waste type or types from the list provided and then select your size.

A 2 cubic metre skip bin will hold about 8 wheelie bins worth of waste – thinking in these terms makes it easy to select the best size for your needs.

Skip bin hire in Mawson Lakes is eco-friendly

Mawson Lakes, like much of Adelaide is very beautiful and the surrounding coastline and countryside is outstanding. It’s vital that we all do our part in protecting the area. With this in mind, our drivers are extremely careful when collecting full skip bins so as to avoid lost rubbish which could blow away and end up in places where it isn’t wanted.

Another important factor in what we do is recycling. Much of what we collect is recycled. This is why we offer different waste type skip bins.

Mawson Lakes

Skip bin hire offers a uniquely eco-friendly method of waste removal. We recycle much of what we remove and always clean up after each skip collection.

That means we don’t leave odd scraps of rubbish blowing around so that it ends up in places it doesn’t belong.

Booking your skip with AOT Skip Bins

We have made a booking system which ensures your experience is as  easy as possible. All you need to do is enter your postcode and choose your waste type.

It’s a 3-step system –

  • Enter your postcode
  • Choose your waste type
  • Select your delivery date

What can’t go into skip bins?

Some things cannot go into skip bins for various reasons; they might pose a fire hazard or they might be too toxic for ordinary waste processing.

  • Asbestos – this is highly toxic and needs specialist removal
  • Oil – all liquids need to be taken to council recycling
  • Paint – same as oil, not suitable for skip bins
  • Batteries – these are a fire hazard – many libraries in Onkaparinga offer battery disposal


Skip Bins Mawson Lakes

Why choose AOT Skip Bins?

As a local company, we know your area well. We offer a careful, personal delivery service and our team is highly trained.

We’re also affordable, fast and clean, so that once your skip bin is gone, you’ll never know it was there.

When you book with us, you can relax knowing you’ll always get a first-class service.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Mawson Lakes?

To place a skip bin on your own property, no permit is needed. If you want to place a skip bin on public land, such as the verge or roadside, then you will need a permit.