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Skip Bin Hire Burton with AOT Skip Bins

Skip bin hire Burton is a great way to manage your excess rubbish. Whether you need support with moving house, clearing a property, building and renovation or something else, AOT Skip Bins can help.

Skip bin hire Burton

AOT Skip Bins Burton

AOT Skip Bins are a well-established, local and family-owned business and we’re here to support homeowners and businesses.

We offer a wide variety of differently sized skip bins from as small as 2m2 – and for most waste types.

If you’ve got a build-up of rubbish, book our general or mixed waste skip bin.

If your waste is more defined, you might consider a green waste, builders or concrete skip bin.


Clean, careful waste removal

Here at AOT Skip Bins, we provide skips of all sizes and for many waste types. Our drivers are always careful to ensure that no rubbish escapes the bins during collection, so you don’t need to worry about mess.  We also take exceptionally good care of our skip bins and try to ensure they are as clean and presentable as possible. The skip bins are all sanitized after each use.

We also take great care to recycle all that we can in order to avoid landfill as much as possible.

We provide skip bin hire Burton for all sorts of uses, –

  • DIY
  • Building
  • General rubbish removal
  • Garden renovation
  • Shed clear-outs
  • Business waste support

If you’re busy running a household, working or managing a business – or all three – then you’ll do much better with a skip bin for your rubbish.

Skip hire Burton is the simple way to dispose of your rubbish.

Eco friendly skip bin hire Burton

Skip Bins are an eco-friendly option

The alternative, visiting the dump, is time-consuming and costs in terms of time and fuel.

Skip bin hire offers a uniquely eco-friendly method of waste removal. We recycle much of what we remove and always clean up after each skip collection.

That means we don’t leave odd scraps of rubbish blowing around so that it ends up in places it doesn’t belong.

Booking your skip with AOT Skip Bins

Booking is super-simple! Just enter your postcode, choose your waste type or types, then choose your size. Once you have completed these steps, then you can choose your delivery date and pay for your skip.

What can’t go into skip bins Burton?

Some things cannot go into skip bins for various reasons.

  • Asbestos – this is highly toxic and needs specialist removal
  • Oil – all liquids need to be taken to council recycling
  • Paint – same as oil, not suitable for skip bins
  • Batteries – these are a fire hazard – many libraries in Onkaparinga offer battery disposal
  • E-waste – we will sometimes accept a small amount, please check
  • Gas cannisters 
Old paint can

Old paint cans may not be placed in skip bins

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Blackwood?

Not unless you want to place your skip bin on public land such as outside your home or business, on the public road.

As long as you place your skip bin in your own property boundaries, no permit is needed.

When you choose the spot for your skip bin, it’s best to ensure that there are no overhanging branches or wires which might interfere with the lorry.

Packing your skip bin effectively

Pack your skip with care, never throw things inside it randomly. This is because if you pack carefully, you will fit much more inside.

Lay flat things on the base and built up bulkier things on top. This will minimize air pockets and ensure you can fit as much in as possible.

If you have any questions about skips, what you can and cannot put in them or about permits, please get in touch. Our experienced and friendly team are always pleased to offer assistance.