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Skip bin hire in Belair is a much-needed support system for homeowners and businesses, and organisations.

This stunning part of South Adelaide has a lot going for it, so the population are keen to ensure their properties are up to scratch.

We’re local skip bin suppliers, so we know the area and its people well. People here are rightfully proud of the beauty of Belair and the amenities which it offers.

Skip Bin truck and man

AOT Skip Bins – Beau

Belair National Park, for example, features over 8KM of unspoiled, wild and beautiful land open to the public.

In addition to the National Park, there are other lovely walks to be enjoyed in the surroundings.

Housing here is in high demand. People naturally want to live in a gorgeous part of Adelaide – so real estate gets a lot of action.

Skip bin hire in Belair for house moves and renovations

If you’re moving house or maybe renovating, you’ll need the support of rubbish removal in Belair, such as AOT Skip Bins.

Moving house can be a busy and stressful event; the same goes for building and renovations. Making things easier on yourself with a skip bin is sensible. The cost is low and the convenience real – you only need to bring your rubbish outside and fill your skip bin up. No long-winded, time-wasting dump runs!

We’re here to provide a super-simple and affordable way for you to dispose of the rubbish which always accumulates during a house move or renovations.

We provide skip bin hire in Belair of all sizes and for most waste types.

Rubbish removed quickly

You might need your rubbish removed speedily, and we can help. Alternatively, you might want a skip bin on site for an extended hire period – that’s fine too.

Skip bin lorry with skip bins

AOT Skip Bins

We provide you with tailor-made support during what’s sure to be a busy time.

We take the following waste types – and more

  • General mixed waste
  • Furniture
  • Bricks
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Green waste
  • Tree stumps
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Textiles
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Soil and dirt

What can’t you put in a skip bin?

There are a few materials and substances which are not safe to put into skip bins.

This is usually because they pose a risk in some way or need specialist removal.

Bin with green wasteFor example, asbestos is not suitable for skip bins. You must book a qualified asbestos removal specialist to remove it from your home.

Asbestos is highly toxic, and you should never attempt to remove or even touch it.

Fluorescent light

Fluorescent lights are not suitable for skip bins.

Other items that should not go into skip bins include batteries due to flammability, oils, liquids, paints, fluorescent lights, and animal waste.

How does booking work?

Booking skip bin hire in Belair is easy when you do it with AOT Skip Bins. We offer a variety of skip bins – some for special waste types and others for mixed waste.

First, you need to enter your postcode – then you will be asked about your waste types, and finally, you will choose your date for delivery. That’s it! It’s a simple job – payment is securely taken, so you only need to wait for the arrival of your skip bin.

What happens to waste from skip bins?

It depends on what the waste is. Mostly, we recycle the rubbish we collect. This is why we offer different skip bins – so that waste doesn’t get mixed up.

For example, a dirt and soil skip bin is kept only for that material. Then we can remove the soil and send it to be reused for another project.

3 coloured bins

Recycling is important, and skip bins support our efforts here in Australia.

It’s the same with green waste – new compost can be made from your old green waste.

This way, skip bins are a green and eco-friendly way to remove your rubbish.

Do I need a permit?

Not if you’re putting your skip bin on your land. For example, if your skip bin is parked on your driveway or in your garden, then no permit is needed.

You will need a permit if you have to place it on public land – such as the road outside your property.

Contact us to ask any questions; we will be pleased to help.