Skip Bins Adelaide – Your Questions Answered

Skip Bins Adelaide – Your Questions Answered
July 5, 2019 Kate Schutz
AOT Skip Bins

How do I know which size to order?

For those new to skip bins, deciding which size to order can be a little confusing. The size you order needs to be suitable to hold all of your waste so that you don’t waste your time and money ordering skip bins Adelaide which are too small.

There are many occasions which call for a skip bin, most common are house moves, renovations and garden redesigns. When you’re moving house, you may find that you’re affected by all three!

House moves create a lot of rubbish; there’s always more than you might imagine to get rid of. Often, it’s just too much for your general waste collection and who’s got time for driving to and from the local dump in the middle of a house move?

Similarly, renovations create a huge amount of waste. Have you ever pulled out an old kitchen or bathroom? Or re-tiled a bathroom? What do you do with all that junk?

Skip bins Adelaide are the perfect solution but again, which size will be the best for your needs? Let’s look at the different sizes of Adelaide skips.Skip Bins Adelaide

What size skips do AOT Skip Bins offer?

  • 2m3: Our Adelaide skips begin at 2m3. This is a small skip, some would call it a “mini skip bin” or a “mini skip”. This size of skip bin is ideal for a big garden clear-up or a household clear-out. It would also be suitable for a small bathroom renovation…just the right size to hold an old sink, tiles and even the lavatory! This size is equivalent to 3 trailers.
  • 3m3: This is a little larger and would be ideal for slightly bigger jobs such as disposing of an old tree which you’ve dug out or perhaps a small kitchen renovation. This size is equivalent to over 4 trailers.
  • 4m3: Equivelant to 6 trailers, this is a great all-rounder!

At AOT Skip Bins we also offer larger skip bins, these are great for big renovations.

How long do I keep the skip bin for?

You can choose! AOT Skip Bins offer both short and long term skip bin hire Adelaide so whatever suits you best…we can arrange! We also make sure our skip bins are exceptionally clean when you receive them. They’re very hygienic and well maintained so you won’t be stuck with an eyesore!

How do I fill it up?

Almost all of our skips Adelaide are fitted with a rear door; this helps you to load it up safely. When you’re filling your skip bin up, try to ensure that you have someone on-hand to assist you with heavier items and on that note, never overfill your skip bin…it’s a hazard to yourself and to passers-by. Talking of hazards, there are certain things which you cannot put into a skip bin…this includes asbestos. If you need to get rid of asbestos, please contact the proper authorities. Here is a useful guide to asbestos from the South Australian Government.

How do I order?

You can choose to give us a call or enter your postcode into our easy-to-use online order and quote form. Entering your postcode will help us to find you the cheapest skip bins Adelaide!